Hard drive volume may be corrupted, fixable?

  GtcOlour 14:37 08 Nov 2010

So basically, I’ve been an idiot with my laptop and I would really appreciate some advice on whether/how it is salvageable. Apologies for the length of this post. For information my machine is a Fujitsu Siemens Xi Amilo 3650, with Vista Home Premium.

I recently had problems with my machine that led to the hard drive needing to be wiped and Vista reinstalled (by a professional). I got the computer back and in my extreme foolishness I messed with the partitions. During the messing about I know I deleted any visible files in the data drive (D: ) including something called Bootsek.bak (I had googled this before deleting, and saw that it apparently was not important). I think I also changed the Active Partition to C: (the main drive), although I can’t remember if I changed this back.

I restarted the computer and a message came up saying “Bootmgr is missing. Press Alt+Ctrl+Del to restart”.

More foolishness: after seeing this message and restarting a couple of times without success I found my Fujitsu recovery disks that I burned when I first got the computer; I set the first one running before realising that I only had 3 out of the set of 4. I therefore didn’t continue after the first disk, and the current situation seems to be that my computer cannot access my c: at all.

When I allow my computer to start up as normal I get the message “Missing Operating System”.

I have a Vista recovery disk, and using the Startup Repair I am given error code 01xF, and Problem Signature 6 is CorruptVolume. From Dos I have tried running Chkdsk, but is says that my C:\ is RAW so it can’t do anything.

I have used a free disk partition recovery program (bootable as I don’t have any access to Windows), it identified that the majority of my disk space is located partly in an area of “Unallocated Space” and partly in a drive that has an error so it cannot access.

In case it is useful, I think the computer has renamed D: to X: ; I can access this drive and there is a Windows folder in there.

After all of that, I would be really grateful if someone could tell me if any of the options I have identified are possible, or suggest any others. I am happy to spend money if I need to, but I don’t want to waste it on something that won’t help, and I’d rather get this done myself rather than sending it back to a professional if at all possible. The computer had nothing on it other than Windows, so I’m not trying to save any personal files/data.

(a) Format computer entirely, buy a new copy of Vista, and start afresh. I haven’t tried formatting c:/ yet, although I understand that it is possible through DOS – is this likely to work given the RAW business described above? If this is possible, I assume I’d need to buy the full version and not just the upgrade?
(b) Buy a bootable partition repair program – do any of these work, any recommendations?
(c) It seems I can buy the Xi3650 recovery disks from an online seller, I would have thought my problem has gone beyond the ability of these disks but I suppose it’s an option?

Thanks for persevering through all of this, and I really appreciate any help anyone can give. *keeping fingers tightly crossed that this is salvageable*.

  Terry Brown 15:00 08 Nov 2010

From reading your post, it looks as if it has gone beyond what a home user can recover or repair.

Their are professional companies that may -I repeat MAY be able to help, but they are expensive.

Could you contact the 'Professional' who repaired your machine and ask if they could restore the harddrive for you?.

As you do not have a VISTA disk, He/She must have used a Vista CD. Could you ask them for a copy of the operating system they put on your harddrive, I assume you paid for the repair and they may either restore it for you at a reasonable price( as they have already have some of your money)or supply you with the disk, so you can restore it yourself.

I assume you have a licence Number (usually on the base of the machine.
If you could borrow a friends CD (or ask a friend to help)you can clear the harddrive (re-partition & re-Format) then rebuild your system using your friends CD and your own licence number.

Motto of this:

If you do not know what you are doing NEVER remove any operating system file unless you are 100% sure of what you are doing, regardless af what any search engine tells you.


  Nontek 15:02 08 Nov 2010

I am pretty sure your option (A) to format and re-install should work.

  961 15:14 08 Nov 2010

Terry Brown gives good advice

Go back to the professor and ask how much to sort it out again

If that is too expensive I'd consider how old the laptop is and if it is worth spending money to restore it to working order

But no way would I buy a new copy of vista

It is totally obsolete

What I would do is buy Windows 7 and do a clean install

Many ways on the net to show you how to start again

Another way is to ask the professional how much he would give you for your laptop in its present condition in exchange for a spanking new laptop with W7 installed

And don't forget to make a copy of your o/s this time

  GtcOlour 15:36 08 Nov 2010

Many thanks for all of your advice everyone. The motto is well and truly learned, my tinkering days are over!

I would like Windows 7, but I've read of problems with drivers not being compatible; hopefully this is something that can be figured out.

Thanks again!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:45 08 Nov 2010

X is usually the recovery drive for a pre-installed Vista installation.

Try press Alt+F11 on boot and see if the BIOS will take you to the recovery options and do a full Factory reset.

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