Hard drive user page transfer to new computer

  Whitehead 00:51 14 Apr 2005

The motherboard in my computer went faulty and would not even boot. I purchased a new computer and tried to transfer my files from the old hard drive into my new computer using a disk caddy but I can only access the shared files and not any of my files in my user section. I obviously know the password but how do I utilise it.
Both computers are Medion from Aldi and use windows XP home.

  TomJerry 00:57 14 Apr 2005

(1) make a FAT32 partition in your new computer

(2) copy everything from your old disk to this old partition. The reason you cannot access your files in old HDD is that HDD is in NTFS format which has security, once copy to FAT32 partition, all file securities are lost

if (2) does not work, you can try to use a imaging or clone program (e.g. True Image) to clone old HDD to your new FAT32 partition.

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