Hard drive trouble!!! Help please?

  marauder1 16:25 15 Mar 2006


Right here is the what happened.

My c drive started making a noise then eventually gave up. Now that is not my concern what is though is that i tried to install a fresh windows xp professional on my d drive which is were i keep my documents folder on, so i tried to install windows without formatting the hard drive, windows went through the first process fine but when the pc rebooted to finish the install the sreen said that there was a read error and read anything of the hard drive (Nooooo)

Now since that has happened i tried creating a partition for window to install on and that didn't work, now knowing that one option that should work is to format the whole drive and reinstall windows

  GANDALF <|:-)> 16:27 15 Mar 2006

I would buy a new HD (£40) and then use that to check the D drive. There is a small chance that the documents were not over written


  marauder1 16:31 15 Mar 2006

but i don't want to lose all the photos that i have in my documents. So i thought i look at data recovery and have downloaded ontrack easy recovery and install on my other pc. I've hooked the hard drive up and ran the program to find a small section of the hard drive (right at the beginning) has no format so i thinking that the important information about the file system no longer exsists and therefore the drive won't work.

Now here is the question!

Is it possible for me to repair that section of the hard drive so i can avoid formatting the whole thing and avoid spending time recovering files?

Thanks is advance!


  marauder1 16:36 15 Mar 2006

Thanks for the advice gandalf

surprised to get a response before actually getting to the question1!!

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