Hard Drive Tray/Bay for Full Tower Case

  Modo 10:41 13 Feb 2005

Anybody know of a 3.5 hard drive tray that will slot into the system that Mesh use.

I need capacity for 3 or 4 hdd's.

The existing slot in tray on my Mesh Evolution only holds two drives and I need to fit a cooler under a new SATA hdd. The case has plenty of room for a deeper tray and I would think that the existing tray support is plenty strong enough to handle extra weight.

I don't have space to fit the drive into a 5.25 bay so that option isn't a runner.

I've googled this pretty thoroughly and got nowhere other than finding the Vantec fan I need and finally confirming that the fan needs a whole drive slot beneath the hdd.

  mrdsgs 11:26 13 Feb 2005

click here

would this suffice?

  Modo 15:41 13 Feb 2005

Thanks mrdsgs

I'll research it more. It is is the first product I've seen that could possibly fit my requirement.

Downside is it looks like I'd have to move the SATA hdd down out of the existing tray - no chance of getting a cooler to penetrate the solid metal base of the current two drive tray/bay.

  Modo 22:37 16 Feb 2005

Help needed again.

The buyer withdrew the sale from ebay!! - whatever that means?

The product was a Lian-Li mf -30.

Despite trawling and e-mailing the major UK component suppliers either no response - shame on you - or no success.

Can only find suppliers in Aus, NZ & Italy.

Any more help appreciated - I don't like the hdd running at 51c!

  Totally-braindead 01:02 17 Feb 2005

The first one MAY be what you want click here

  Modo 08:23 17 Feb 2005

Thanks that won't do as I don't have spare 5.25 bay.

I have tried the obvious UK websites (Tekheads,Novatech, Misco, RL etc) so it needs to be a little left field.

  Modo 21:10 18 Feb 2005

Went through UK distributor - no UK avail.

Eventuallly tracked down a German - nearer than Aus & NZ - site with an English option

click here

Good news was the price was cheaper than ebay

Bad news postage was more expensive than the product itself!!

  mrdsgs 21:24 18 Feb 2005

the one i sold on ebay can be bought in any maplins store,

for 2 additional drives £7.99, for 3 additional drives £9.99

I will try and provide a link


  mrdsgs 21:26 18 Feb 2005

click here

as i said in the last post!


  mrdsgs 21:31 18 Feb 2005


i followed your link to the german site, it is the same product. a pity you didn't get in touch with me direct or try maplins.


  Modo 07:03 19 Feb 2005

Thanks, I had searched Maplins without the search facility coming up with it!

I'd called Lian-Li's UK distributor who told me they hadn't brought any in for some time.

e-Bay said the one for sale had been withdrawn.

Funnily enough the German one including postage is only about £14.

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