Hard drive transfer speeds

  Daz35 20:54 25 Feb 2005

I have two external HDDs.

One is a Freecom Classic 80GBb running at 7200rpm and the other is a 40Gb Iomega pocket drive running at 5400 rpm.

I have been backing up music files from my laptop to the aforementioned drives and the Iomega is much faster (3 times the speed approx)than the Freecom, and I was wondering why this was.

I'm using a USB2 PC card as my laptop only has USB1. Also using XP SP2.

Any obvious reason for this?

I need to keep the backups on the bigger drive but it's painfully slow compared to the Iomega.

Any comments appreciated.

  Completealias 20:59 25 Feb 2005

Buffer sizes springs 2 mind,eg the iomega has a larger buffer? have you check the drives for errors as this may slow it down, strange thou as u'd think faster spindle speed would equal better transfer rates

  woodchip 21:02 25 Feb 2005

Are they both plugged into USB2

  Daz35 21:15 25 Feb 2005

Not sure about the buffer size and I haven't checked the drive for errors as I was in the middle of transferring 27Gb worth of Mp3s.

They were both plugged into the USB2 notebook card.

At first I just had the Freecom plugged in, and as it was so slow I thought I'd test the Iomega while the other was plodding on, and it was much much faster.

Eg. It normally takes 45-50 minutes via firewire and about 80-90 minutes using USB2 to transfer the 27Mb file - using the Iomega. Using the Freecom, it took the best part of 4 hours!!

It's all bit strange.

  Chegs ® 21:15 25 Feb 2005

The spindle speeds (as found) are not the best way to judge a hdd's data thru put,although companies regularly quote it in their adverts(cos it LOOKS better)also I think USB(even latest standards)is still slow for larger data transfers(but could be well wrong)

  Daz35 21:26 25 Feb 2005

I know Firewire is much faster for the transfer of music and video as it tends not to get clogged up. I have just read on another forum that the actual maximum speed for USB2 transfer is actually 192Kbps, but unfortunately this Freecom only has high speed USB and not Firewire.

Checking the disk now for bad sectors etc

  Completealias 21:29 25 Feb 2005

According 2 the web firewire 400Mbps USB2 480Mbps

  Daz35 22:03 25 Feb 2005

It doesn't work this way with music and video.

USB2 is not a constant speed when transferring video or music, it tends to get jammed a bit.

Look into it a bit more if you don't believe me!!

Speeds quoted are not speeds achieved. I know this for a fact after using both many times.

Typical, can't find the site I got the info off now!

  Daz35 22:10 25 Feb 2005

click here

I wasn't lying!

  Completealias 00:33 26 Feb 2005

Didn't think u was daz35 but good 2 know 4 future ref

  woodchip 00:35 26 Feb 2005

If it took that long on the USB2 card it's only working a USB1.1

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