hard drive temps (paranoid?)

  [email protected] 09:35 22 Jul 2008

hi, a few weeks ago my wdc sata slave drive failed, it wasnt old, i threw my toys out the pram said i would never use them again, went out the next day and bought another.
when i first started it up there was a noise similar to a wire catching a fan (which is what i thought it was) for about 2 seconds, that noise occasionally happens and a cant find it, only on cold start up.
having reinstalled 200 gig of games i decide to run a temp program nothing will pick up smart, i suspect this is due to nvidia media guard/ sata drivers. all but click here which does work, and i kind of wish it didnt!
the disks are exactly the same model etc, they are in a hdd cage with a black slot between them and a 120 fan less than an inch from them. disk d is above disk c.
the system disk runs at 39 the new drive runs at 50C.
i ran wdc diag which passes both disks, but again this cant read smart (says it's not allowed) it passes both disks.
wdc advice is up to 60c surrounding temps and 69c product temps are safe?
why is the non system disk 10 degrees hotter than the system disk?

  [email protected] 09:37 22 Jul 2008

typo: blank slot

  [email protected] 09:43 22 Jul 2008

as i was typing that i had 2 games from the hot drive running and a defrag program,anoth point is it takes about an hour to get to 50c and doesnt move either above or below that, even when im battering the hell out of it, im suspecting the temp program a little surly the workload i have described would add a few degrees to any disk?

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:12 22 Jul 2008

Temp depends on
Ambient temp in your case
Air flow round drives

Have two WD sata drives fitted, mounted vertically one behind the other i.e one trapped between drive and case.
The second drive runs hotter than the first when loaded.
At idle just temp program windows and firefox running both drives show 35 degrees C
When running a game from the second drive it can get near the 50 degree mark

  woodchip 10:48 22 Jul 2008

smart Is dependent on BIOS, I Don't use any Fans other than CPU and PSU, Never Have. In all my computing years, only problems I had was with a AMD K6 cpu years gone by. Would not work with supplied Fan, fitted an old one and never had any more problems

  woodchip 10:50 22 Jul 2008

The Computer I use most is my Dual 98se XP one running with both sides off and as done for about two years. no overheating problems, even in hot wether

  I am Spartacus 11:00 22 Jul 2008

You could try swapping them round to see if that makes a difference to temperatures i.e. one location is not getting the same airflow as the other. If not it could be a faulty sensor.

Have you tried another something like CPUID HWMonitor, it doesn't give SMART readings but it does measure a lot of other temperatures as well.

  bjh 11:07 22 Jul 2008

Not wholly helpful, but...

The recent editions of Speedfan will obtain the SMART data, and compare this with the average, including average temperature, of other users who submit their SMART data.
click here
It will read some SMART data that one other HDD test program couldn't. As some types of drive do report higher temps than others (even if they don't actually run much hotter), this might offer some calming data.

I agree that SMART has to be enabled in BIOS. Some BIOS hide it, and you can bring the extended info up with Ctrl F1 or similar key combo.

  [email protected] 11:21 22 Jul 2008

thanks for all the replies. this is all new to me, it's my first intel and first motherboard that will only run with it's own drivers, i don't know much but have always found installing just generic graphics and sometimes chipset drivers, the rest i leave to windows. have just found out the drive runs at 38c in my xp pc, so i dont think it's a bad drive. this is first motherboard with a southbridge, nvidia smu. network controller power controller, madia gaurd etc.
nvodia forums are full of 'dont use that version driver, use this, dont use the latest they wrecked my pc' im having problems understanding what all this new (to me) stuff does.
pc wizard, everest ultimate, cpuid and speedfan and wdc dskdiag cannot read hard drive details.
im guessing it's ok, its backed up anyway.
think im going to spend a few days reading up on this motherboard and chipset.
thanks again

  [email protected] 16:25 22 Jul 2008

swapped them round both 44c now?

  [email protected] 22:11 26 Jul 2008

i have been watching these discs and have worked out why the o/s disc is cooler, its very hot today, so i thought i would watch them while in loaded 2 and played 1 game, the(D) applications disc was 52c at idle, (C)system was 41c (well thats what the one program that can crack nvidia media guard recons) soon as the game started to load it dropped to the same temp as the operating system disk? and stayed there till now, when it's doing nothing and the temp is creeping up again.
it heats up when it's doing nothing? they both do!

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