Hard Drive & System Recovery problem

  whatustaring@ 12:56 22 Mar 2007

My untie has a pc thats having a problem booting so i said i will have a look,ive fitted into my pc with no probems BUT it wont get past "System Recovery" ive been into Bios & reset everything by selecting the "Reset to factory settings"option & still nothing happens it still wont boot further than System Recovery,she has photo's on the hard drive that she realy needs so i cant just format it also ive tried all the options avainlable like "Safe Mode" "Last known good configuration" ect i got no differnace any suggestions please

  whatustaring@ 12:57 22 Mar 2007

the HARD DRIVE is what i fitted into my pc i forgot to tell you..

  2neat 13:00 22 Mar 2007

why don't you set the jumper to slave and recover the data to your hard drive?
Then you can try other options on the drive.

  whatustaring@ 13:27 22 Mar 2007

"2neat" thanks for your reply err dont wanna sound daft but how do i do that...? i could spend all day looking on teh web but if you could explain or if you have a link for my i would be most greatfull


  whatustaring@ 13:27 22 Mar 2007

Please bare in mind i only have the hard drive with me not the other base unit

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:32 22 Mar 2007

ive fitted into my pc with no probems BUT it wont get past "System Recovery"

Assume you have removed your HDD and fitted hers in its place.

It will not boot as the drivers for XP on her machine will be different from yours.

Refit your drive. fit hers on the same cable but change the jumper settings to slave first. (these will be shown in a diagram on the drive.)

Reboot your PC and check the drive is found in MY computer you shpould then be able to copy her files to a folder on your drive.

If you get Access denied post back here.

  Technotiger 13:42 22 Mar 2007

Hi, you need to fit your Aunts' hard-drive into your own pc - connect it as a second drive either on a spare IDE cable or add it to your own hard-drive IDE cable. If doing the latter you will need to make sure that the jumpers on your Aunts' drive are set to Slave (you should find the Jumper positions noted on the hard-drive itself).

click here

  Technotiger 13:45 22 Mar 2007

Huh ... I must type faster ... lol

  keef66 14:26 22 Mar 2007

Agree with the above. I did this with the hdd from a mate's pc which had packed up. Recovered all his pictures, docs and emails.

If you look at the IDE ribbon cable attached to your HDD you'll see it has a second connector for a slave drive. Plug this in to the back of your aunt's hdd, and also locate a spare power connector from your psu and plug that in.
If you're careful you don't need to bother fixing it into your case, just connect IDE and power cables, set jumpers to slave and leave it dangling there with the side off the case while you recover the files. Just don't poke anything into the case or whack the hard drive while it's running!

Start your pc normally, and in windows explorer you should be able to see your new disk.

  whatustaring@ 14:32 22 Mar 2007

Ok many thankx for the info so far ive got to the stage where i need to understand the differance from the slave "Jumper" settings to the Master, ive looked in my pc's manual & theres virtualy nothing about it "gasp" i have located the Jumper settings but not sure how i adjust them or where each pin goes as there's nothing that tells me where & how to adjust the Jumpers...

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:39 22 Mar 2007

jumper click here

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