hard drive swap and use// possible or not??

  jonostar 11:25 20 Jun 2005

on my laptop i have adobe 1.5 video editing software// i damaged the screen on the laptop and have now bought a p c// is it possible to use the program on my pc// how is this done if it is at all possible.. wud i have to take harddrive out.. i dont know ?? any suggestions// the disc for install has been damaged// to replace wud cost about 500..

  Storik 12:57 20 Jun 2005

it is possible to actually transfer a working program (as is) to your PC. I think you would need to install it from installation disks.

Someone may correct me if I'm wrong and at least this will bump you to the top again.


  sicknote 13:00 20 Jun 2005

Agree with Storik's last comments ,
so what is wrong with the installation disc that it will not work ???

  De Marcus 14:04 20 Jun 2005

You could temporarily connect your Pc's monitor to the laptop until you find a better solution, presuming the laptop still works and it was just the screen that's damaged.

  Diemmess 15:07 20 Jun 2005

Very expensive in time, money and aggrovated grief!

The laptop screen can be replaced - at a price... and assuming that is all that is wrong with it?

The Adobe disk, essential to be able to new install on your PC is not cheap unless you are lucky on E-bay.

Transferring the HD from your laptop to the PC will not be easy or enough, unless you are prepared for more enquiry, expense and a long and difficult process to get the whole thing working in a new (PC) environment, without destabilising the O/S and losing everything.

De Marcus has the best temporary solution....... At least you then have a chance to make a clone and maybe fiddle with that on your PC, though it won't run properly until configured accurately in the new environment.

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