Hard Drive spinning too long.

  Cymro. 14:09 05 Aug 2010

My computer has been running reasonably well of late considering that is is a 5 year old low-powered laptop with only 256MB of RAM.

The problem I have is that the HD is still spinning with the little indicator light on for 30 minutes after Windows has first loaded. I'm still just about able to get IE8 or FF up and running but rather erratically until the HD settles down.

I have tried all the usual excellent advice on this Forum including such things as defrag, emptying temp. files, disk clean up, using CCleaner, checking for viruses etc. etc.

I am wondering if this problem is a sign of my HD coming to the end of its life.
I have a Medion laptop with a 20GB HD about half of which is is full, 250MB RAM, I run Windows XP with SP3.
As I said it runs well enough once the HD has stopped spinning.

  tullie 14:23 05 Aug 2010

Besides a new pc,its more ram you need.

  Cymro. 14:31 05 Aug 2010

but I don`t fancy taking a laptop apart to put in more RAM and I don`t think it is worth paying a professional to do the job with such an old PC. To take it up to top spec. would cost more then the PC is worth, (I think).

I recon on going for a new laptop with Windows7 as soon as this one gives up the ghost. So just running it to the ground till then I suppose.

  woodchip 14:33 05 Aug 2010

You need a Faster Hard Drive, I had that Problem with a Medion Laptop. Drive was a 4200 rpm 30 Gig
I fitted a 60 Gig 7200 rpm drive problem solved Laptop also works faster

  woodchip 14:35 05 Aug 2010

Hard Drives are easy to change, Memory will not make it no faster unless you work with big files. New drive will make it faster under a Plate in bottom or edge of Laptop two screws will hold the plate

  Cymro. 14:42 05 Aug 2010

I suppose I could do all the above, but is it really cost affective in money and effort?
Ch******s is not so far away after all.

  Cymro. 14:47 05 Aug 2010

with the Windows operating system? I do have both the original Windows disk and the Medion one.

  Cymro. 14:53 05 Aug 2010

so will get back to this tomorrow.

  woodchip 14:56 05 Aug 2010

If Like me you have both a Medion oem XP CD as well as a Restore CD you wit a new drive the use the System oem CD not restore CD to install from , and use the Microsoft Widows key off the bottom of the Laptop. Now you say its a Medion, the hard drive is in I think the right hand edge of the laptop two screws hold it. Thats how my Medion is. You will also need to download from Medion Site the Drivers for the Laptop after or before Loading the New OS. You could use your old Drive in a USB caddy as I do for storage and backup. If you did the above Drivers for the Laptop should all be on Partition D:\ on the old drive

  DieSse 21:45 05 Aug 2010

The hard drive is not faulty (though it may be a bit full.)

The problem is that so little RAM, Windows will inevitably take a loooong time to fully load and sort out all the software you have, especially any start-up scans by your AV software.

A faster drive will obviously help, as the drive activity will be faster - but it won't stop the activity. Only more RAM will do that. 256MB is just too low for good XP performance.

  DieSse 21:47 05 Aug 2010

BTW, extra RAM is normally very easy to fit in most laptops. There'll likely be a spare socket under a simple flap on the underside.

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