HARD DRIVE SPACE using up to quick HELP

  tammie 15:01 25 Nov 2004

I have windows 98,my Cdrive space is filling up so fast ,even when i clear everything, i have d drive that any pics kept go in,and keep having to move bits or uninstall,only a novice so dont know to much of mechanics,just know that it shouldnt be using space up this quick,as it has always been okay till recently,,anything new i put in d drive,any ideas please ,desperate

  curlylad 15:37 25 Nov 2004

It may be that you need to add more RAM to your system.Do you know how much you have ? If not follow this Click start , point to programs , accessories , system tools , click on system information , on the right of that window will be the percentage of system resources , what does it say ?

You could also delete temporary internet files to free up valuable resources , to do this click internet explorer , then tools from the taskbar at the top , internet options , general tab , click 'delete files' button under the Temporary Internet Files section.You could also do a defrag .To do this go to start , programs , accessories , system tools , defrag.

You can also download a program that will get rid of clutter on your system for you , there are many out there one of which you can get from here called Clean up users3.ev1.net/~stevengould/cleanup/download.html

Let us know how you get on.

  curlylad 15:45 25 Nov 2004

Apologies , the link to the free program Clean Up is here click here

  curlylad 15:51 25 Nov 2004

Only me again , another free download to get rid of clutter etc is Crap Cleaner (CCleaner) you can get that from here click here

  JIM 15:57 25 Nov 2004

Suggest you take a note of how many bytes or mb or gb that are left on your hard drive C for now.(you should at least leave 500mb free on C Drive whatever happens for win98 to work )

Would do the normal run Disk Cleanup. Defragging your drive which may take a while, clean out your cookies and temp,files and internet files using the tools provided by win98 unless you have software to do it for you.Old email and files,uninstall any old Programs that may not be required.(again record what space is on your C drive)

No point in downloading to much software to help you till we see if there is a problem with your system.

I take it that you run upto date "antivirus" software? If you do has it reported anything when scanning?

Are you running any, "ad-ware or spybot or spyblaster software,to check for hijacking of your browser/system or Trojan or worms"

Are you having trouble when on the internet etc.Is your system running very slow.

Come back to us with some "info" tammie if you can with the size of your hard drive TOTAL,and whats left in the C drive and D driveplus any info from the above.

  tammie 17:08 25 Nov 2004

Hi curley lad and Jim,i have done everything you have suggested over the last two weeks i am at this moment down to 60 mg so keep having to get id and clean everything constantly,i was in process of installing spyware from mcaffee to see if this will help ,thank you both for responce ,will let you know how i get on

  tammie 17:54 25 Nov 2004

MY D DRIVE HAS 5500 mb so this is not affected,my c drive amount does go up and down but to no more than 110 mbit went to 23 yesterday,internet is slow,have run norton system check and the usual system checks also defragged , i delete from all internet folders and cookies etc and use win clean everytime i use it so that it doesnt load up,cn just switch on and it uses space ,installing spayware mcaffee didnt work for moment so will have to try gain,thank you

  JIM 19:34 25 Nov 2004

You are going to have to uninstall a lot of programs from the C drive,no way round that whether you have been infected or not with any sypware or worse etc.

Suggest you have a good look on your program list and select a few of the larger programs you have with the software disks for them and any product key you may need to install them with later. They can be installed later to the D drive when you know your system is clean or when your system is running smoothly.

Post a list of your main programs if you want for us to give an opinion on.Think of programs to uninstall that you will not really need for a few days if you go ahead alone.

Exclude,uninstalling nortons,or any microsoft programs EG. ms wordsuite etc from the C drive if you have them.As i said before you need at least 500mb space spare on the C drive to run really well.

Would suggest you download these programs for now.(others may be added later)

Spybot-Search-Destroy, adaware and ccleaner.They all do a specific job and run them as written above.They are small programs go for the updates before you run them as prompted except c.cleaner as that will be the latest.

You will have to as said, uninstall programs from the Cdrive first.You need room and ccleaner will clean up most of the bits and peices left behind.

click here

click here

click here

You have a lot to do and it will take time.

1/ you have to make space available on the C drive.

2/ Find out if you have a problem with spyware,trojans or virus.

3/You may if in real trouble (say with virus/worms etc)have to be prepared for a poss, format/reinstall.(Just looking at the worst scenario)But that not the state of play right now.

Your antvirus is uptodate tammie? (important) and what type of internet connection do you have? -----(dialup/or broadband) If unsure about anything, do come back when necessary to check or ask any questions.

  tammie 15:39 26 Nov 2004

Hi Jim,my antivirus is upto date and we have dial up connection,im still waiting for Mcaffee to get back to me to tell me why i cant install the downloaded antispyware i bought, it comes up with message that the licence aggreement has been declined,is this something to do with cookies?
I have been into my computer and found in windows two large folders that i possibly can move to D drive but can you help identify them please,one is in Application Data/Buisiness logic/Uwc/Backup,this backup folder holds 456mb , uwc is i think the
ULTRA WIN CLEAN but that is in programmes,i dont think the files can be my system backup.
the other folder is /Data 159mb,thank you

  JIM 16:26 26 Nov 2004

Will get back to you shortly.

Glad your upto date with antivirus etc.Your Mcaffee antispyware message at this moment i have no idea but will inquire if poss and let you know.(There are plenty of good free programs around for that purpose including what i posted.

Your Application Data/Buisiness logic/Uwc/Backup if ULTRA WIN CLEAN looks a good bet as is /Data 159mb (though again i do not know for sure yet) I am going to check up on it first,so hold fire.

You could let me know the following.

Do you have a cdr/r-write drive on your system?
with nero or similar software.The reason i ask is that you can always off-load folders and files to cdr,or cdr/ rw-disk.You can also download programs to them as as well more so if you have the software to treat a cdr-rw as a floppy.

Back with you soon.---Jim.

  JIM 18:07 26 Nov 2004

your logic/Uwc/Backup,this backup folder holding 456mb needs to be deleted "permanently" from your system in my view.

Unless you know differently,"you run the program" (ULTRA WIN CLEAN) It is not a backup of windows system but a cleaner which may/will back up what it cleans "but" even the backups need to be deleted regularly or they will build up.

Now it is also know for "tojans/worms" to be located in logic/Uwc/Backup and though we do not know that for certain yet,till programs are installed etc i would "delete the contents of folder" anyway.Putting them on to your D drive serves no purpose at all.

A WinClean Folder that holds 456mb of ?,and are not systems files,is to much anyway.Defeating the object of the program.(I have my reasons for thinking files in that folder have grown).

"Your other folder" = /Data 159mb again unusual but you will have to check it out first(more info)to a degree before poss "deletion" or transfering to D drive if required.

Click on the folder to open and see if you can describe the contents inside.Right click with mouse and look at the properties of them for information.Do this to a number of the files just to be sure you can pinpoint the names/type of file they are if you can.

That may help in deciding what to do with them.

Must, make room for to check out your system for nasties and the software needed as well as running your win system.

The folder holding 456mb will go a long way to achieving that.

Note. If you do delete any large amount files/folders with win98, you may have to do it in stages.

Now dont take this the "wrong" way tammie!! you may not be keeping you system well managed,(i hope thats the case)--- ;) Otherwise i feel you have lodgers on your system UN-INVITED.


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