hard drive space used

  Hucky 17:01 20 Aug 2009

hi my laptop seems to be quite full up altho i only have 6gb of music and no dvd or video files on it and my programs use 7gb and windows uses i2gb i have a 136gb hard drive and only 74 gb left? ta

  mooly 17:05 20 Aug 2009

Have you run disc cleanup and looked in "more options" to delete shadow copies and restore points.
Restore points take a lot of space and build up over time.
This is for XP but Vista is similar,
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  Hucky 18:11 20 Aug 2009

mmm up2 84gb free now

  mooly 18:35 20 Aug 2009

Is it Vista or XP ?

  Hucky 18:39 20 Aug 2009


  Les28 19:21 20 Aug 2009

You could try reducing windows allocated cache sizes for system restore and recycle bin and maybe internet explorer and use Tree Size to see what's on your hard drive.

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  mooly 19:46 20 Aug 2009

If you have never run disk cleanup to delete restore points before I would have thought there would be more than that.
I am sure you've done it correctly but for Vista it is,
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You may also have a "hibernation file" that shows as "unticked" in disk cleanup. This will equal the size of your RAM. If you never use hibernate it can be safely deleted, and can always be re enabled if required later.

  mooly 19:52 20 Aug 2009

Oh yes ... how big is your Vista install... what about all the updates etc, they double the size nearly.
If you have SP1 and SP2 installed and NEVER intend uninstalling them you can run as an "elevated command prompt" a service pack clean up tool to remove all the old files etc but this makes SP1 and 2 permanent.
To do this type cmd into the start menu and right click command.exe and select run as admin.
Type compcln.exe and press enter. You will be asked yes or no.
That will free up more space.

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