hard drive space dissapearing!!!

  applecroc 22:21 29 Jan 2008

recently purchased new pc with windows vista on. Only had a week but already computer saying we have used up loads of hard drive. anything e are downloading or copyig eg music videos . We are copying to disc and deleteing right away. Deleting to recycle bin and emptying.the hard drive still seems to be filling up. Can anyone help explain why. According to disc clean up we have used 3 GB today although nothing downloaded or saved or in folders. Any help welcome. Thanks

  [email protected] 22:31 29 Jan 2008

probably restore click here

  [email protected] 22:33 29 Jan 2008

and i meant to post click here !

  applecroc 22:46 29 Jan 2008

Thanks helpful link. Big help. thanks again

  woodchip 23:30 29 Jan 2008

The programs you use to burn may be making backup copies to disc also as above Set System restore to use 8% of C: only

  brundle 23:37 29 Jan 2008

As woodchip says, adjust System Restore which normally uses 15% of drive space by default;
click here

Highlight the `System Restore in Vista` tab for some downloads to adjust the amount

  shauny36 23:55 29 Jan 2008

a friend of mine at work had a simular problem, was eating up his hard drive space so he phoned the tech guys and tried allsorts of stuff so ended up taking it back to the shop and they had the same probs so he asked for his money back.
think vit was a dell pc.

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