Hard drive space

  Kawlos 08:20 03 Oct 2008

My friend has a lap top and has told me that everytime she tries to install something it says her C drive is full. She has an external hard drive and installs to that although it requires a little bit of room on the c drive.

She uninstalled itunes from the c drive and installed to the external although it still said not enough space on the c drive.

Anyone got any idea?

  Halmer 08:29 03 Oct 2008

1. get rid of all but one of the System Restore points which will probably be taking up over 10% of the disc space. She should do this only if the PC is otherwise running fine and she will not need to restore in the near future.

2. then download click here and run CCleaner which will free up some more.

3. Look in the Control Panel and remove any programs that she doesn't need any more under Add/Remove programs.

  Halmer 08:36 03 Oct 2008

photo files to the external drive as these will take up a lot of space.

  Kawlos 09:03 03 Oct 2008

How do you remove system restore points I know where to locate it but not how to remove? Should I reccomend a smaller allocation to the amount of space for the system restore if so how much?

  Batch 11:14 03 Oct 2008

Right click on My Computer, select Properties and then the System Restore tab and click Settings - then make the allocation smaller - it will remove the oldest restore points accordingly. If you turn System Restore off, it will get of all restore points (and then if you turn it on again, it will start from scratch).

Also, try Halmer's point 2 - if she has never cleared out her browsing history this could be taking an enormous amount of space.

Also, has she ever cleared out her emails? Some people keep masses of stuff with sizable attachments.

  Halmer 16:25 03 Oct 2008

Just drop it to around 3 or 4% from 12 it will be fine.

  Kawlos 17:15 03 Oct 2008

Thanks for the advice she'll try out the suggestions.

  bjh 17:21 03 Oct 2008

There's a useful program called Treesize. Free version at click here You may find that there's a couple of massive files/folders (say from a DVD conversion/video capture - anything) that are occupying vast amounts of space.

I've used Treesize Pro, and it is excellent.

  Awestruck 10:49 03 Jan 2009

A colleague has 35GB hard drive with only 3.5GB free after an extensive clear out and clean up.
An analysis of his disk content shows a total of 11GB of data, restore space, recycle space, and programs. In his Windows folder he has 4GB of files. However, his Windows folder (using Properties) shows a folder size of 24GB. Somewhere in the Windows folder there is 20GB file lurking and I can't track it down. Any suggestions?

  bjh 14:21 03 Jan 2009

Use the Windows Search facility, with a wildcard name *.* (finds any file), specify size as greater than (say) 5GB. It should find that file easily.

Or, as I suggested above, use Treesize.

For future reference,I'd recommend starting your own thread rather than raising an oldie; you'll get more clear responses.

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