hard drive space

  nikki2007 19:24 20 Aug 2007


My new laptop is 160GB HDD. Having transferred all of my data from my old PC i have used 35GB/70GB but I have on the 'C' drive of my new laptop. There is also a data drive 'D' of which 0GB of 70Gb has been used. My question is why is the Hard drive space split between two drives and if how should these be used? Should one contain files and the other programs or will the PC automatically start saving onto the 'D' drive when the 'C' is full.

  woodchip 19:28 20 Aug 2007

You should move your data to D:\ there most likely is also a hidden Partition for you Laptop to Restore from. Mine as it split into three, All the Hardware Drivers are on my D:\ partition Restore is on E:\ on mine

  woodchip 19:29 20 Aug 2007

PS it will not Auto save to D:\ you have to do it Maualy

  nikki2007 19:35 20 Aug 2007

Having coped docs from my old PC I have sent it to 'My Docs' on my new laptop. This cocuments area is on the 'c' drive and not the 'd' drive. Is it worth spending the time to move 40GB onto the 'D' drive? I have spent hours today moving music, files, pics, and installing programs. Everything has obviously gone on the 'c' drive as the 'd'is 100% free.

  woodchip 19:42 20 Aug 2007

Yes as if you Have problems with the Boot Drive C:\

D:\ should still be OK. Plus Windows should work faster. C:\ Drive that is light in Data and Software is a lot easier to restore also.

Also when loading Programs, do custom Install to D:\

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