Hard Drive Size being reported wrong in Vista !

  Probabilitydrive 10:39 16 Jul 2007

In VISTA I just reformatted my external Hard-drive (Western Digital 250 GB, NTFS). It now shows only 232 GB capacity !

What happened to the rest? Is it really the case that "...two different measurement formats used. Decimal (GB) and binary (GiB) formats..."
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Any suggestions:
1) How to reclaim the missing 18 GB ?
2) How to set VISTA to recognize ti as 250 GB?

Finally, (Vista users) does your external HDD report the full capacity?

  jimv7 11:05 16 Jul 2007

Windows reports the size correctly, i.e.divided by 1024, the manufacturers cheat a bit and divide by 1000.

  Pine Man 11:19 16 Jul 2007

jimv7 is correct. I have two drives, a 250GB (shows 232GB) and a 320GB (shows 298GB).

Running Vista Home Premium.

  Probabilitydrive 11:40 16 Jul 2007

Hmmm, in practical terms this would mean, I have to calculate storage capacity towards 232GB, regardless what the manufacturers own measurements report.

Are there any differences in XP or VISTA reporting these capacities?

  jack 11:55 16 Jul 2007

There are no differences - your last question

It has always been the case that when drives/discs are offered- they are calculated on the 1000 base counting when in fact bits/bytes/k-bytes/m-bytes- et al are al1 in fact 1024 base
Not really cheating - just simplyfing the count
thats all

  Probabilitydrive 12:03 16 Jul 2007

As this extract form click here
"......You don't see then selling 1Gb of RAM as 1,073Mb do ya? It gets VERY confusing in the hardware world due to some people using 1 standard while they other group using the other one...."

Thanks to all for clarifying that query.

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