Hard drive size?

  User-50A6DF28-C534-4969-95D51EFFDFC9FA31 20:00 22 Jul 2003

Can anyone tell me what's the biggest hard drive that can be used with WIN98.SE?

  Lozzy 20:35 22 Jul 2003

Now there's a question. You can put any size HDD on but you will need to partition it to get the full advantage of the disk space. You will also be well advised to format the HDD to NTFS file format. I would also recommend that you consider upgrading to Win XP..

  Valvegrid 20:47 22 Jul 2003

FAT32 supports drives up to 2 terabytes in size. From the M$ knowledge base:

http:// support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;EN-US;154997

Cut and paste the above link removing the space after the http://

Thanks Lozzy and Valvegrid. I had a look on the Microsoft site and seen where they quote the 2Tb size and further on they even quote as much as 8Tb. (I wonder how long they?d take to defrag?) Although I didn?t see the maximum partition size given for FAT32. If the maximum disk size were to be 2Tb, what would the maximum partition size be? It was given as 32Gb for Win2000, but not 98. So can Win98 with FAT32 reliably read an 80Gb partition?

As to changing to NTFS, I?d have to upgrade to XP for that, and after using XP at work I?m still not convinced. Maybe after I?m more accustomed with it, that's maybe.

I?ll tick the question as resolved for now, but I?m still looking for the maximum partition size for FAT32. Hopefully I?ll find the answer on another visit to the Microsoft site.

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