Hard Drive seen as 1.99 gig instead of 20 gigs

  Eileanbeag 22:40 08 Feb 2004

I have just formatted my Pc with Windows 98Se and my hard drive now shows as 1.99 gigs instaead of 20 gigs - how do I remedy this?

  DieSse 23:05 08 Feb 2004

Either you "fdisked" it without setting the option for Large Disk Drives - which limits the capacity to 2Gb.

Or your motherboard BIOS only supports 2Gb drives,

Or you BIOS does not have LBA mode set for the drive.

Did this drive previously show 20Gb on this same system?

Why did you format it? - perhaps you have a real problem?

  Eileanbeag 23:07 08 Feb 2004

Did no fdisk and the hard drive previously showed as 20 gigs - but we have children using pc so anything can happen

  DieSse 23:25 08 Feb 2004

It's also possible you have a boot sector virus.

So, I would suggest the following.

Run a full anti-Virus check.

Go back to the very beginning and run Fdisk - check out the partition sizes and if necessary adjust them.

Then format again - if you get a 20Gb drive now, all is well. If not then you will need to

Check in the BIOS to see if the drive is detected as 20Gb.

Make sure LBA mode, or Auto mode is set for your drives.

If all this fails, you may have previuosly been running with special software to "fool" your BIOS about the drive capacity - which you will need to re-install. This depends on the make of drive.

If you're still not getting there, please post full details inc the make of your drive, your motherboard, and approx age of your system.

Also can you please say why you reformatted.

  Eileanbeag 23:34 08 Feb 2004

Reformatted because odd things were happening as I started up - colours were greyed out. Cannot do anything until Tuesday now as I am working but will try what u suggest

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