hard drive replacement

  FRANKMAC 13:44 07 Sep 2006

Currently running windows xp on medion pc, everything fine, excpet my hard drives are nearly full. At present i have drive c:20gb and drive d:2gb (just used for storing old pics etc).
I wish to replace drive c: with a new 160gb hard drive and make it the primary drive & then make my old drive c: the d: drive (for stroing all those old pics !), and then discard my old d: drive. How can i transfer all my old applications and operating system onto the new drive without doing a complete re-install.

Thanks in anticpation...

  ed-0 13:50 07 Sep 2006

Most hard drive manufactures supply software, for free, to do this. If you post what manufacturer you are looking at, this could be confirmed or refuted.

Or you can buy software to do this and more. Acronis is excellent.

You must consider also, IF your bios could take such a large size drive. With having two very small hard drives, it would be worth checking what your motherboard bios could take.

Even on this, some manufacturers have software to fool the bios into accepting larger sizes.

Post the make and model of the motherboard, if you can.

  dazwm 13:51 07 Sep 2006

I think the only way you can do it is by transferring the pics on the small drive to the larger drive so you have everything you need to save on the 20 GB hard drive. You then set the 20 gb drive as the slave and the new drive as the master. But I think you will have to put a freah O/S on the new drive then transfer eveything on to that and leave your pics on the 20 gb drive.

I stand to be corrected!!

  DieSse 14:15 07 Sep 2006

Seagate make a particularly good tool (Disk Wizard) for both letting you system allow higher capacity drives than your BIOS otherwise allows - AND transferring you main system drive setup directly onto your new drive.

It's possible that your system will support 100MHZ transfer rates from the hard disk - but may not currently be fitted with the required 80-wire IDE cable (as your current drives probably didn't need it). So you would be wise to get a new 80-wire IDE cable too, along with your new drive. Note - connectors are the same, just twicw as many wores in the cable (you can count them to see - there's either 40 or 80.

  FRANKMAC 14:54 07 Sep 2006

Thanks for all the info so far, looks like the usual good advice, i dont have the BIOS details nor the motherboard etc as i am at work, will update later, thanks.

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