Hard drive replaced - now no monitor input

  technovice 12:26 10 Dec 2007

PSU and hard disk drive went on my daughters old E machine - have followed advice on this site and replaced both. Computer now starts - but does not appear to be any output to the monitor, or power to DVD/CD drive. Have checked wires, but nothing obviously wrong. As soon as the computer is plugged in, it starts and appears to override the on/off switch on the front of the machine,(not the psu).

I am a complete novice with the internal workings of computers, and am surprised how easy things were.....so far!!!! Any advice before I call in and pay for a expert!!!!

Many thanks

  [email protected] 13:18 10 Dec 2007

Sounds like you haven't installed the relative drivers. You may required your motherboard software disc and your monitor software disc.

  jimv7 13:22 10 Dec 2007

If a graphic card and not onboard graphics, check you have not dislodged the card, try reseating it.

  keef66 13:40 10 Dec 2007

lack of drivers shouldn't result in no display at all, just a rubbish one using Windows defaults.

Can you post a link to your previous thread so I can see what you've done so far?

Just out of curiosity, can you tun it off again using the switch on the front of the case (hold it in for 15 seconds), or is it completely useless now?

  technovice 13:54 10 Dec 2007

I have all the relevant disks but cannot install them as no display on the monitor, and cannot open the CD drive as does not appear to be any power there!

All I have done so far is replace the PSU and the hard drive.

I have just held teh power button in for 15 seconds - nothing additional happens. Monitor still says no input.

If it makes any difference, the hard disk light and power light on the front of the machine are constantly flashing

  [email protected] 13:54 10 Dec 2007

Don't forget this is a new HDD. The mobo graphics drivers will be with the mobo installation disc but agree there are generic drivers with Windows. You can't just insert a new HDD and expect everything to work. You say the PC starts but what do you mean if you can't see anything. You see lights, your hear fans ?
Ummm, you have installed the OS have you - you don't say...

  technovice 13:58 10 Dec 2007

The fan now starts, and the lights at the front of the machine are flashing......none of which worked before new HD and PSU.

I understand that I need to input the operating systems cd etc, but since no screen and cd drive wont open, Im a bit stuck.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:26 10 Dec 2007

What lights are flashing?

Power light should be on steady HDD light should flash as HDD is run while machine is looking for operating system.

If you have fitted a new HDD then windows will need to be reinstalled then all the drivers. It should boot to a screen with error message No op system.
CAN you see anything before it says no signal?

If not then check lead to monitor from graphics card.
Card is fully inserted (remove and refit)
does card need a lead from PSU?
Is there a small 4pin plu next to CPU have you fitted a lead from PS to that? you need to.

  xania 14:33 10 Dec 2007

You don't mention why you had to replace the HDD AND PSU, and I'm a little concerned that you may actually have a mobo problem. But check to make sure tat all you memory sticks, processor and and cards are fully and firmly connected to the main board.

  technovice 14:54 10 Dec 2007

Am complete novice at this - computer would not start, hence replaced PSU as an initial start. Still had problems - removed hard disk and put it in another desk top, and appeared completely dead, so replaced.....at this point seemed cheaper to replace these bits personally than take to professional who would charge labour etc.

Not sure what a graphios card looks like - but nothing obvious left to jiggle! Memory cards all in place. Leads from PSU to CPU in place, and 4 pin plug next to CPU in place. (I left the old PSU in place and replaced connection by connection with the new PSU so that I would not miss anything).

Anyway, it's a very old computer so looks like I might need to get the professionals in.....at least I know what the inside of the computer looks like now!!!

PS - is there any easy way of determining whether it is a mobo problem

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 15:02 10 Dec 2007

Check cable from board to new HDD is fitted correct way round in HDD

all IDE hard drives have the same standard socket types and the IDE cable should have an alignment notch to ensure it is inserted the right way likewise the power cable will only plug in one way.

But this is always true.

Also check that you have set the jumper on the HDD to the MASTER postion.

Both these things could cause your symptoms.

Even try to boot with the HDD cable unplugged see if it gets to a boot screen.

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