Hard Drive Removal

  Simon 6102 12:10 06 Jun 2011

Hi Please note that I would class myself as a novice PC owner. I have a Mesh Matrix XP 2000+ Value PC. I wish to remove the Hard Drive which will then be Physically Destroyed. The PC will then be dumped. 1) Is this something which I will be able to do myself and if so 2) How do I Identify and then remove the Hard Drive. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

  mgmcc 12:23 06 Jun 2011

When you open the case you will see several flat "ribbon" cables from the motherboard. These connect to the floppy disk drive, hard drive and CD/DVD drive. As the floppy and CD/DVD drives are easily identifiable, the remaining device will be the hard drive. Pull out the ribbon cable and power cable. There will then probably be four screws holding it in its cradle - undo these and remove the drive.

  Strawballs 12:41 06 Jun 2011

These are maxtors but they all look pretty much the same click here

  Simon 6102 13:40 06 Jun 2011

Hi mgmcc I have followed your instructions, I hope, correctly.From the top there is the Floppy Drive, CD/RW Drive and what must be the DVD Rom Drive which all match up to a unit/box as seen from the side of the casing. Looking at the side now, below those is a space and then a carrier which has a metal tag which is labeled PRESS. I removed the Ribbon and power cable....Press the PRESS to release the carrier and remove. The unit I have to hand now is MAXTOR 5400RPM 40 GB Ultra ATA/100Hard Drive. The Model # on the unit is the same as that on the paper work. I pray I have got it all correct. Thank you for your prompt help. You just have yourself a great day now. Regards

  Strawballs 13:43 06 Jun 2011

That is the Hard drive the same as the images I linked to

  Diemmess 13:54 06 Jun 2011

Second part of your question ... If you have a heavy hammer and preferably a narrow cold chisel use the one with the other and make as many severe dents as you have the inclination.

One good dent about 30 cms from the centre should be enough, but you can amuse yourself making a mess of very tight tolerances on your one time trusted HD

  Simon 6102 17:04 06 Jun 2011

Thank you Strawballs and Diemmess for your most helpful assistance. I am now certain that I have the correct thing to hand and will proceed to destroy at will. Take care and best regards.

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