hard drive and RAM trouble......!

  theDarkness 13:39 10 Sep 2005

Hi, just 2 queries...
My hard drive clicks occassionally, and I have seen the blue screen a couple of times stating that I may need to update the bios (I dont know if this is a standard message). I use emulation progs such as DosBox occassionally. I told the local computer store that according to my everest pc info program (or something similar, cant remember what I used), that same hard drive has gone up to 65C in the past.

When I bought with my Time pc, it had a case fan blowing air in at the back, AND out (PSU)- the case fan which may have been the cause for all my high temps, but Ive sorted it so its now blowing air out (PSU fan+Case fan at back) and taking air in, at the front. According to everest my harddrives dont go higher than 35C when on for a reasonable amount of time (5 hrs or so) and the CPU hardly changes at all (45C idle, 51C max when in use)... Is 65C a terrible temp which could potentially have damaged the drive? PC works fine, yet clicks once or twice a week or so. According to the local computer store the 65C on everest for the now clicking hd was not a record of my temp, but I didnt believe them -they stated that 65C wasnt that bad.

2- I have 1 gig of ram. If I check 'properties' on the 'my computer' icon, some days it will state 1 gig, other times 960mb...? Is this dodgy ram? I bought it from the local computer store (above - !) that stated it was new and unused.

Any help would be great

  User-312386 14:20 10 Sep 2005

Just looking through your posts

HDD temp does sound a little high, however, with regards to the clicking noise i have a maxtor that clicks like mad.

Do you have onboard graphics or a AGP card? If you have onbaord then it is shared with the RAM

  DieSse 15:30 10 Sep 2005

"I have seen the blue screen a couple of times stating that I may need to update the bios (I dont know if this is a standard message)"

In relation to what - could you post a complete message please - the only thing that Win might be suggesting a BIOS update for is ACPI control (and only then if it's WinXP on an older system) - and I'm not even sure it would do this as a standard blue screen.

  theDarkness 19:25 10 Sep 2005

Its definately a click that never happened until the 65C message, and you can really tell the difference between this noise and a normal hard-drive searching/clicking sound. It can also happen when the computer is seemingly completely idle. The drive making the noise is my Seagate 80gig, which is running XP. My Maxtor 160Gig I have had no probs with... yet! :)

Right now I havent been using the computer for anything else, and according to Everest my drives are running at 29C and 32C, the CPU at 46C, motherboard 31C. Im not very sure on CPU temp so if anyonw wants to compare and tell me their results (im using an athlon CPU) then you can get Everest Home Edition (free version) from
click here

I just have onboard graphics at the moment, VIA S3 Unichrome 32/64mb (sold my seperate agp gfx card a while back), but even with whats built in even though the ram is shared, some days it will state the ram as 1gig. I have a feeling that my blue screens (Im not sure how and where to find those old blue screen error messages again?) may be the result of messing around with far too many emulation and graphics programs- possible problems with my built in graphics, which seems to have pretty poor compatiblilty with just about everything- although I cant be 100% sure. cheers for replies! :)

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