Hard Drive Questions from a novice!!!

  Kev76 15:42 17 Sep 2007

Hi all
First time posting on here so hope someone can be of assistance

My PC died a few months ago so have bought my self a laptop

Lots of files, pics, mp3s etc are on my hard drive of my old pc.

Removed my hard drive (its a Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 200GB)

How can i, if at all link it to my laptop to get the files and can i then use it as an external hard drive? As i as looking at buying one anyway
Really dont want to lose all the photos as they are from the last 5 years or so!!!!!

Any help is appreciated but try not to hit me with technical speak as i'm a bit of a computer novice!!!!


  Pine Man 15:47 17 Sep 2007

You need a hard drive caddy. See the link for examples. click here

  Marko797 15:48 17 Sep 2007

Why don't u ask a friend to plug this into his desktop and retrieve the files u mention, then saving onto CD/DVD?
I don't think u can use this as an external HDD, as a normal internal HDD doesn't have such connectors as USB.

  Pine Man 16:00 17 Sep 2007

Correct me if I am wrong but surely a hard drive caddy is used specifically to make an internal hard drive portable!

  IntoPCs 16:06 17 Sep 2007

click here
And it worked!!

  Marko797 16:09 17 Sep 2007

Pine Man, u may well be correct. I've never used one so couldn't offer the suggestion that you made.

  Pine Man 16:11 17 Sep 2007

Looks good, similar to a caddy but not so neat;-)

  keef66 16:16 17 Sep 2007

as already stated by others, all you need ia a hard drive caddy then you can attach and read your old disk via usb.
Make sure you get one which takes 3 1/2" drives (desktop)as some are just for 2 1/2" drives (laptop)

  IntoPCs 16:18 17 Sep 2007

Yes you're right a caddy is much neater and could be used as a permanent back-up drive, but the cable is very flexible as it accepts SATA, 3.5 and 2.5 IDE drives - Kev76 hasn't stated whether his is SATA or IDE.
Kev76 - did the drive have a narrow red cable or a wide grey cable?

  skidzy 16:35 17 Sep 2007

I have the convertor as in InToPcS link and also have a couple of caddies.

From experience a caddy is the more reliable.

" My PC died a few months ago so have bought my self a laptop "

Problem here could be the harddrive is already dead,can you confirm why the pc died if you know.

Just for future reference Kev,if you manage to get a caddy or convertor,you may need some recovery software if the drive is not recognised.

Let us know if this is the case and we will advise accordingly.

  Pine Man 16:41 17 Sep 2007

...and there he was - gone!

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