Hard Drive question

  dazza39 15:57 19 Nov 2007

Can you use a SATA hard drive say as a master and an IDE as slave drive?.

  brundle 16:07 19 Nov 2007

SATA doesn't use master/slave. The controllers are separate, you normally set the drive or controller (SATA/IDE) with boot priority in the BIOS and the IDE drives show up regardless. Your boot/system drive wil be SATA (say, C:) and your IDE drive will show up as D: but still as IDE Master, depending on set up and cabling.

  dazza39 16:32 19 Nov 2007


So will i need to set any jumpers to slave at all?.

  DieSse 18:45 19 Nov 2007

So will i need to set any jumpers to slave at all?.

No - the way they are seen depends on which socket on the motherboard is used.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:37 19 Nov 2007

SATA primary (with op sytem on) is plugged into the SATA port 1
any other SATA drives are automatically classed as slave.

If you run SATA and IDE withe op system on IDE that drive must be set as master.
You need to set the boot order in BIOS to either SATA or IDE first(wichever has the op system)

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