Hard drive probs..

  User-4A928052-8F29-4815-83BF4F92A006A5C0 17:20 17 Mar 2003

I recently had an error in my installation of Windows XP and so i decided it was time to back-up all my data and wipe my hard-drive clean. This all went fine until when i got to fdisk after formatting all the partitions, it suddenly told me that my hard-drive was only 58GB. It is meant to be 60.5GB.

Both fdisk and windows tell me i have lost 3 GB!

My hard-drive is an IBM Deskstar 60GXP 61.5GB UDMA100

Please help, i want my space back!

  MAJ 17:23 17 Mar 2003

It's correct, you will get a reported difference in drive capacity after formatting.

Is there any way i can get it back?

Do any of these WipeDrive shareware programs do a proper job?

  MAJ 17:54 17 Mar 2003

The 61.5GB is the size of the disk before formatting, nikki_d, as you have to format your drive before installing your OS or other files, no, you can't get it back.

I've never used any "Wipedrive" programs, so I can't recommend one personally, but for the normal home user fdisk and Format are more than sufficient tools.

  DieSse 18:12 17 Mar 2003

It all depends whether you regard 1K as 1,000 or as 1,024.

If you go to My Computer, right-click on the Drive icon - choose Properties out of the Menu - you'll see Windows give both sizes.

Ahhh ok, it must just be one of those annoying little things!

Thanks for your help anyway..

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