Hard drive problem -Windows keeps running scandisk

  dan_gurney 16:18 17 May 2005

I am having problems with my computer which I believe are to do with the hard drive. Recently Windows keeps finding bad file clusters on the disk and decides to run the scan disk program at start up. Each time it states that it has fixed the problem but then they reappear a week or so later. This seems to be happening more and more frequently.

Other things I have noticed is that recently my whole pc has slowed down a lot, it no longer seems to be able to run more than program at a time without suffering massive slow down. I have removed some items from the registry to help speed it up but this hasn't had that much of an effect. I have also defragged the hard drive regularly.

Scan disk take over 12 hours sometimes to check a 160gb hard drive is this slow or does it normally take this long?

Does anyone have any ideas as to why I am having so many problems with my hard drive? Is there something I can do to fix it or is it just knackered?

Additional information: Hard drive is just under 2 years old and is used quite a lot for burning media such as CD's or DVD's.

Thanks in advance

Hi Dan,

Not much help but I would guess that your HD is on its way out. Just be sure to have all of your data backed up, and I would suggest that a new disk would be a good idea.

Partition the new disk so that the first 20Gb is available to re-install the OS, another partition is available to store Data by duplication from the old disk, at least that way you will be prepared for the worst, if and when it happens.

Once you have got a data backup along with any precious downloaded programmes, you could try a reformat and reinstallation of the OS on the old disk....

Best wishes

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