defected 19:31 26 Jul 2007

hi agian!
Thanks to all the users who helped with my last problem!

ok here goes... i have sony vaio vgn-a417s laptop and i had a virus that kept restarting the computer so i managed to do a system re boot and wipe it clean. it got rid of the virus and everything seems to be workin apart form it wont use the 2nd hard drive. or i think it mite be 1 hard drive split into 2? anyway C drive is nearly full and it wont save anythin to D drive??

thanks for takin time to look at my problem and i hope it make sense!

  Technotiger 19:57 26 Jul 2007

Can you be a bit more precise - what do you mean 'it wont save anything to D drive'?

  defected 20:06 26 Jul 2007

hi, sorry, when i go to install a new program or if i save any work ive done on the computer it saves it to C Drive which is nearly full.

ive tried to install a new program today and im getting a warning sayin that C drive is full but it wont use D drive which is empty.

  Earthsea 20:27 26 Jul 2007

Perhaps a bit obvious, but can't you change the path name? What happens when you change C: to D: ?

  Earthsea 20:31 26 Jul 2007

For example, instead of install to:


change it to:


  Technotiger 21:47 26 Jul 2007

During the install of any program and when it gets to the stage of saying where it says that the program will be installed to C:/etc you must click on Browse and then change the save location as stated by Earthsea.

  Terry Brown 22:14 26 Jul 2007

Have you tried going into Drive Management, and checking to see if the drive is active. When You formatted C drive, did you also format d: drive ?, or is d: drive an unallocated partition.
The easiest way to access drive management is to go to help, type in the box DISK and select the last option, and follow through the instructions.

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