Hard Drive Problem or Nero Burning or what?

  Greengage 16:37 25 May 2004

Had been burning CDs backing up files on computer. Have Version 5.5 Nero and had burnt five Cds when system crashed. Re-booted but whilst Nero attempted to load, it could not manage it which led to further re-boots. Other programs work OK although the mouse stops or is jerky at times.
Uninstalled and re-installed Nero, ran Scandisk(thorough version but no errors), tidied up Registry with McAfee Quick Clean, ran SFC, removed from Device Manager CDRW drive and let it install on re-boot. Checked for up-dated drivers for CDRW but they were already installed.
At one stage, I got Nero working again but when I went into it next time, system crashed again. Sometimes when I Ctrl/Alt/Delete to end task on Nero the whole system crashes, on other occasions it lets me return to Windows although there are then delays when opening other programs.When I run PC Pitstop, sometimes it runs through and shows nothing adverse but on other occasions it freezes on Check Disk. I sometimes get a clicking noice from the computer when it is reluctant to end task under Ctrl/Alt/Delete.
I started thinking my hard drive was packing up but it lets me into other programs quite easily if I do not try Nero first. I have used Diskeeper Lite to defrag and carried out a full virus scan but this is all clear.
I am running Windows 98SE on Athlon 800 processor, 394mb memory,30Gb hard drive which is less than 50% used.
Has anyone got any ideas please.

  Pearly Gates |X|X| 22:32 25 May 2004

Perhaps your burner is broken, is it connected on the same IDE cable as your Hard drive? If you disconnect your burner and delete it from your system and all is well then you will have found the cause. Don't know what else to say at the moment.

  johnnyrocker 22:38 25 May 2004

hard drive could be on the way out.?


  BBez 00:17 26 May 2004

update Nero to (the last version 5 releases) click here then after update try installing "forceASPI" click here which should sort out any endtrack errors when burning

  Greengage 18:31 26 May 2004

Thanks for your responses. I am going to be away for a few days and will try your suggestions upon return.

  Greengage 12:00 31 May 2004

I don't know what has happened but everytihing is now working properly without having to try the suggestions offered. The only thing I've noticed is that my CD Rom Drive is E (was D ) and my CD RW Drive is now D (was E )but I do not wish to try and change in case I bring back the problem. Thanks for your help.

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