Hard Drive problem

  futushar 20:32 22 Jul 2009

i m writting to u with one of my pc problem. i got a p4 pc with maxtor 7Y250MO harddrive which is not working properly so today i bought one Hitachi HDP7258050GLA360 SATA hard drive. but my processor cable is for pin one but in Hitachi is look like a chip one.i know i am not in very good in computer but i am sure anyone from you can help me. anyway my processor is intel pentium 4 cpu 2.93GHz


  sunnystaines 20:40 22 Jul 2009

the maxtor 7Y250MO has a 5 year guarentee how long have you had it.if less than 5 years contact seagate/maxtor via their web.

  cream. 20:43 22 Jul 2009

The maxtor 7Y250MO is a IDE hard drive. The HDP7258050GLA360 is a SATA hard drive, as you say. So they are totally different.

Unless you have SATA connecters on your motherboard, you need to change the drive for an IDE one.

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