Hard Drive Problem

  Demora 14:58 16 Jun 2006


I have a Seagate 80gig 720rpm Hdd which is in an external usb box. This morning when I connected it to the pc it got very warm and then started to make clicking sounds. There isn't any operating system on it just all the stuff I've backed up over the past 3 years. Any idea as to whether its had it for good or anyone know where I can get info on retrieving the files etc?



  xania 16:21 16 Jun 2006

It certainly sounds as if your drive is on the way out. If you can, get the data copied to CD or your HDD as soon as possible. Data recovery is very expensive but

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or simply type Daya Recovery into your favourite search engine.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:25 16 Jun 2006


Hard disk checks before you condemn it
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Seatools click here

  xania 16:27 16 Jun 2006

Only trouble is, if the drive is on the way out, this could push it over the top. So make sure you back up first.

  Demora 16:36 16 Jun 2006

Thanks for those. BUT I can't access it at all. It just makes these clicking sounds when the device is connected to the power supply.

I have a feeling that its mechanical.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:47 16 Jun 2006

Clicking noises not good.

May require the fridge followed by the bin :0(

200 ways to repair a HDD
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  woodchip 16:54 16 Jun 2006

It lost the index for the file system. the clicking is on account of it's trying to read the info from the index file and it can't. So you need to get Software to repair it.

Like TestDisk click here

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  woodchip 16:55 16 Jun 2006

PS with it being a USB drive try running it under windows

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