Hard drive problem

  Doire_Bhoy 12:55 02 Sep 2005

My mate has one HD with XP on it and another larger HD which has no OS on it. Both are in the same machine.
I want to move the HD which is D Drive to where the HD which is C Drive is.

I want to do this so i can put the OS on the larger drive as i cant insatll new programs on the present C Drive as it only has 20MB left. And the software i want to download wont let me put it on the current D Drive.

Any ideas?

  jimv7 13:04 02 Sep 2005

Go to the hdd manufacturers site, they all have utilities which will do this for you, or get norton ghost, try acronis, others will advise you on acronis as I have never used it.

  Diemmess 13:48 02 Sep 2005

jimv7 is right. Your mate must save an image 'somewhere safe' and then restore it to the larger HD.

CAUTION..... "Somewhere safe" may have to be CD's or another HD, because when it is RESTOREd, the image will overwrite eveything on the target drive (the larger HD). This will also include anything at all which is already on that HD.

If the large HD is large enough, you could partition it first, so that the primary partition is available for the image file.

If you go this route you will need software both for making the cloned image and for partitioning the large drive. It may be better to buy or borrow another HD to use as a safe halfway house.

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