hard drive only shows 32gb

  spencer787 14:37 27 Mar 2004

i bought i 40gb hard rive for my pentium 2 system 2 years ago and it would only show 32 gb because of the bios, now i have upgraded motherboard and chip and windows to xp , it shows 40gb in bios but still shows only 32gb in windows, how can i solve this?

  bremner 14:42 27 Mar 2004

click here for Maxtors solution to this problem.

  SGT [email protected] 16:36 27 Mar 2004

also check the jumpers on the end of the hdd as they may be in the wrong place.

some hdd's have settings for something called"32 gb clip" which will make any hdd over 32 gb be seen as 32 gb no matter how big it really is

  woodchip 16:46 27 Mar 2004

I do not like MaxBlast software solution. Only as a last resort

  bremner 16:47 27 Mar 2004


  fsbb 17:13 27 Mar 2004

My old mobo only supported 32 gigs (HDD was 40 gigs) therefore could only create a 32 gig partition. Recently upgraded mobo, CPU etc etc. To get the drive recognised as 40 gigs I deleted the 32 gig partition and created a new 40 gig partition.

  fsbb 17:14 27 Mar 2004


then re-installed software.

  sam2004 17:35 27 Mar 2004

Have you checked that the primary partition on the HDD (Hard Disk Drive) is using the full space available on the HDD.

You can check this using programmes like 'Partition Commander (6)'. You can get a trial version of this with issue 205 of PCPlus Magasine.

  woodchip 20:21 27 Mar 2004

It's Drive Overlay software not Windows Fat, it uses it's own file system and some software will not work or not work well with it. Mainly Disc Software as Drive Image and Norton Utilities, Scandisk and others that's why a lot of problems are posted this site.

  temp003 08:27 28 Mar 2004

Agree with Woodchip that drive overlay is a last resort.

Both your BIOS and OS support a 40GB partition, so there should be no need to use drive overlay.

When you say Windows XP only sees it as 32GB, where do you see it? If you haven't repartitioned the disk, then it only has a 32GB partition, with about 8GB (or smaller) unpartitioned space. In My Computer, you can only see the 32GB partition. The unpartitioned space won't show up.

Have you tried Disk Management? Click Start, Run, type diskmgmt.msc and press Enter. A 40GB disk should show up as about 37GB in Disk Management. At the end of the disk, do you see an area described as unallocated?

Is XP installed on this 40GB disk, or is it now a slave disk? What do you want to do with the 32GB partition and the remaining space?

  bremner 09:35 28 Mar 2004


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