Hard drive not recognized

  Jimbob2 20:19 21 Oct 2005

I am attempting to resurrect an Athlon 1200 512Mb
with 2 20Gb Fujitsu hard drives and XP Home.The machine will not recognize either drive whether configured alone or as master and slave.
Any help would be most welcome

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:01 21 Oct 2005

Hard disk checks before you condemn it
click here

f0r seagates the the same principles apply for all IDE drives follow the sequence for identifying disks in BIOS.

  phono 01:37 22 Oct 2005

Are the Fujitsu drives of the IDE variety? If so there was a known issue with Fujitsu drives of 20, 30 and I believe 40 GB, capacity of the MPG family that stop working because a chip on the controller overheated and literally destroyed itself, see this link click here

I replaced at least six such drives for friends and their accquaintances. All drives failed at just over one year old and Fujitsu refused to replace any of them.

From memory the problem was so bad that Fujitsu ceased production of all IDE drives to concentrate on SCSI drives.

  Jimbob2 15:00 22 Oct 2005

The drives are IDE,and were manufactured when Fujitsu were having problems, one appears dead an MPE dated 1999, the other ,an MPG is dated 2001 and this works intermittently but never long enough to reload XP. The way forward would appear to be to bin both drives and installing anything other than another Fujitsu!
Thanks for your help.

  phono 21:45 22 Oct 2005

I have found that an intermittent drive can sometimes be used if it has sufficient cooling
fitted to it, I wouldn't use it for any data that I greatly valued though.

I am currently using one in a two fan removable drive caddy so that I can have my system boot Windows 98SE for older games that XP wont run, it's been going okay for months now, but as I said, I wouldn't be surprised if it failed any time soon.

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