hard drive not in "my computer"

  jeff 18:28 21 Dec 2005

i have 2 primary hard drives and 1 secondry drive, i have a drive caddy fitted so i can change from 1 primary to the other, when i have 1 primary drive fitted my secondry drive is not in "my computer" screen, but if i fit the other primary drive it is, i am running windows xp, anyone got any ideas.

  scotty 19:15 21 Dec 2005

Check that the Master\Slave\Cable Select switch is the same for both primary drives

  Pamy 19:18 21 Dec 2005

jeff,as you boot up, does it show up as secondary drive? or does it say 'no secondary drive'?


  bazb 19:19 21 Dec 2005

Has the drive been formated, in not click here

  jeff 12:21 22 Dec 2005

the drive has been formatted, when i use one of my removable hard drives the drive shows up, but when i use the other removable drive is dos'nt,i have checked the settings in the bios settings,the drive must be formatted ok, as i can use it when i have one of my removable drives fitted.

  jeff 16:28 23 Dec 2005

on my system xp prof i have a primary hard drive and a secondry drive, but the secondry drive has dissapeared, it is shown in the device manager,and is working ok, but not in "my computer" so i can't access it, anyone got any ideas.

  ^wave^ 16:36 23 Dec 2005

go to my computer and right click then go to manage and then disks is the drive seen there

  Pamy 16:42 23 Dec 2005

Jeff, can I suggest that you remove the secondary drive and boot up on the primary drive that it does not show up in 'My Computer'.

This sould say no secondary /slave drive found. Once booted up into windows shut down properly (a full shut down ,not a reboot). Now put the secondary drive back in and boot up, now check to see if it is shown in 'My Computer'.

  jeff 16:47 23 Dec 2005

i don't think that will work, if i plug in my other primary drive via the drive caddy the secondry drive shows up. i think it must be a setting on the primary drive.

  Pamy 17:02 23 Dec 2005

Jeff, did you do what wave suggested?

  jeff 17:14 23 Dec 2005

i am not sure what he ment, what does he meen by manage does he meen device manager, when i go to device manager it shows my drive is listed,

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