Hard drive not booting

  Epocs 20:20 13 Nov 2004

The computer starts to boot from the hard drive, gets as far as the desktop, with no mouse and then stops. Sometimes it displays scandisk but just freezes. When trying to run scandisk from DOS it reports it cannot read the file allocation table. I have tried setting it as slave on another PC, which means I can get into one of the partitions, but when I try to access the second an error appears 'Incorrect Parameters' and properties shows it has 0 bytes capacity and 0 bytes used in RAW format. There is important data on the partition I cannot get into, does nay one know of a way to access it, or at least get the data from it? Thanks.

  LastChip 21:26 13 Nov 2004

Can you read the drive allocation letter (C: D: etc.) from DOS?

  Epocs 22:39 13 Nov 2004

It seems a bit strange as when using the boot disk for the first time I could access the CD drive but I didn't really try to find the partitions. I tried scandisk /all and it started on c: and came back with the FAT error. The second time I used the boot disk I couldn't even access the CD drive, after this I gave up and moved the hard drive to the other PC where I can see both partitions within XP, but only access one.

  Danoh 00:30 14 Nov 2004

Have you tried DOS as LastChip suggested? If successful, you could copy your files with DOS commands from that partition.

  Epocs 14:04 14 Nov 2004

As I said above, I cannot access the drives through DOS, either I can't find the right drive letter or they are not accesible.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 14:28 14 Nov 2004

If your running XP did you format the drive in NTFS when it was installed (default), this could be why you are getting the fat error from a DOS disk /fat scan.

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  Epocs 16:15 14 Nov 2004

Sorry I forgot to mention OS, its running ME, so its FAt32. I am thinking of using Spinrite.

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