hard drive not able to use full capacity

  brettly01 19:28 07 Jan 2006

hi again,
i've just installed a new 250gb HD in my pc and noticed that i can only use 232gb of it, why is this.? and can i do something about it.?



  Big Elf 19:35 07 Jan 2006

That seems about typical for a 250GB hard disk. The 250GB figure quoted is before the disk is formatted. I have 2 250GB disks and both show 232GB as being available.

  Big Elf 19:36 07 Jan 2006

My 200GB disk shows 189GB as being available.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:38 07 Jan 2006

Its partly the way manufacturers describe there hardware size they count base 10 computers count in binary.

Plus a little will be us to sore the master boot record when the drive is formatted.

  Mr Mistoffelees 19:38 07 Jan 2006

Don't worry, there is nothing wrong. Hard drive manufacturers use multiples of 1000 when quoting drive capacities. Windows uses a binary thousand, 1024. = 250GBs as quoted by drive manufacturers but = 232.83GBs as read by Windows. Both figures are correct.

  brettly01 19:39 07 Jan 2006

just goes to show how we are f%@ked up the arse all the time.

what a con.


p.s. excuse my anger, i am seeking physiciatric help.

  DieSse 20:20 07 Jan 2006

It's not a con - it's the way things are counted.

The internationally accepted way of measuring 1000 of anything is Kilo. Thus K=1000.

Because of the way computers count, historically computers have used K=1024.

The drive manufacturers are absolutely correct in what they do - the confusion is ours.

If you look at the drive properties in Windows Open My Computer, right-click on the drive, click on Properties) you will see the capacity shown both ways as 232 GB and as 250,000,000,000 Bytes (approx - you usually get a few more).

  brettly01 20:27 07 Jan 2006

so don't you think they should state on them "232gb of usable capacity" in stead of misleading people into thinking they are getting 250gb

  interzone55 21:52 07 Jan 2006

Before you get angry, check the small print in the ads, they generally state something along the lines of "1gb = 1000,000,000 bytes"

  ACOLYTE 21:55 07 Jan 2006

You never get the full size of a HDD after format,i have a 160 gig drive and only get 149 after format,this is not uncommon with most drives.

  DieSse 22:17 07 Jan 2006

1. You are getting 250GB of useable capacity - you do get 250,000,000,000 bytes - that is 250GB.

2. ACOLYTE - it's NOTHING to do with formatting - the capacity stated by manufacturers IS the formatted capacity.

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