Hard drive noisy & XP Boot-up anomolies

  corc2 13:23 23 May 2004

When i boot up, around the time the XP Home splash screen appears, the Hard Drive makes a strange drumming or grinding noise twice then seems to be ok. Also, about 1 in every 5 boot ups windows appearance changes - the start menu is different and the taskbar is a sandy colour rather than the normal blue. (I have not made any changes to the appearance and I am the only user).Also no sound drivers are loaded. If I restart, the computer hangs and I have to reset to start up again. Usually everything is back to normal. If, as I suspect, the Hard Drive is knackered would I be better laving the PC on all the time until I replace it? HDD is a Seagate Barracuda ATA IV 80GB. And if I do replace it do I have to do a clean install of XP on new HDD and will I be able to copy files from old one to new?

  AndySD 13:29 23 May 2004

Start by using Seatools...to check the drive.

I just added a new 80 gig Western Digital drive to my system and using the Western Digital tools (from their website, I am sure others will have similar) partitioned the drive in windows and then copied the c drive contents over the program then made this the c drive. Simple

  AndySD 13:30 23 May 2004

click here seatools

  corc2 13:33 23 May 2004

Thanks for the quck advice AndySD.

  Stuartli 13:40 23 May 2004

First thing is to get it backed up ASAP - forget anything else until you have done so.

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