Hard drive noise - suddenly very loud...

  **nada** 18:50 06 Apr 2003

My hard drive suddenly has become very loud over night and I'm concerned that it might suddenly give up on me and loose all my data. The computer was left on over night and everything works properly on the computer, it's just the hard drive is very loud. It makes a continuous screaming/whining sort of noise noise. As I've said this happened over night and did not happen over a long period of time.

I have a Dell Dimension 8100, which has a 40Gb 7200rpm IBM Deskstar 120 (I think). What's more the exact same thing happened to the hard drive in November 2001, when the computer was only a couple of months old - Dell sent me a replacement hard drive though, which is the one that has now done exactly the same thing. I'm slightly worried because I think I only bought the computer with a 1 year warranty.

Does this sort of noise sound like the end of my hard drive's life is nearing? Will I, if my warranty has expired be left no choice but to buy another hard drive?

Thanks in advance

  Installer. 18:53 06 Apr 2003

Sounds like it may be a fan to me, mainly because the noise is continuous.

  Terrahawk 19:26 06 Apr 2003

is it definitly the hard drive? as above could well be a fan best way to locate the noise is to open up the case get a stethascope (ok kithen roll holder or similar ) then listen to each component seperatly ie psu processor fan graphics card fan if you have one
if it is the hard drive make sure you back up all your important data now then if it does go down you wont loose those important files

  **nada** 11:29 07 Apr 2003

Yes, it is definitely the hard drive, because when I unplug it the noise is no longer there. I am working on backing up my data on other computers on my network. Should I be concerned however about the noise? It definitely doesn't sound healthy and makes the computer really loud when on. Maybe it's just age, because the computer sounds like really old computers that are very noisy; but it's strange that this happened overnight and not over time.

  **nada** 11:56 07 Apr 2003

Just found this!! click here

  MAJ 12:21 07 Apr 2003

If it's an IBM Deathstar, it's probably kaput, nada, they are notorious for dying. Back up everything, throw it in the bin and buy a Maxtor. Just a personal opinion.

  bloo meeny 12:48 07 Apr 2003

Get your important files backed up ASAP !!

There were some .wav files of poorly HD drives on the cover CD-ROM of PC Advisor Tips & Tricks magazine Issue 4 (Spring 2003).

If you didn't get it, I can email you the sounds if you wish (5 sounds, total 1.0 MB)
Just say the word...

  tango_jd 14:18 07 Apr 2003

The longer you sit and think, the more chance that it will just go "phut".
When I upgraded a PC recently, the guy moved the whole lot off my old (850mb HDD) disk to the new 40GB disk and the PC came back as-was but with more space added.
Not sure on the price of the HDD but there are numerous services that fix PC's for a fixed-priced (Here it's about £40)

  **nada** 16:09 07 Apr 2003

Sounds like my only choice will be to get another hard drive. Out of interest can you (bloo meeny) send me those sound clips to person1357@hotmail.com - thank you in advance. I'm a little annoyed with myself because I just bought an 80Gb Deskstar for a family member's computer - I hope it doesn't come to a similar hault.

MAJ: what makes you say Maxtor hard drives are good. Are most manufacturers pretty equal in quality of hard drives apart from IBM. I think most importantly I want a hard drive that will last me some time and be quite quiet, I'm not too concerned about all out speed, even thought a faster one is preferable.

I've been looking around and the Western Digital 1200JB (120GB, 7200rpm, 8mb cache, 100MB/s, 3 year warranty) looks pretty good, on komplett it's £99. The Maxtor equivalent - DiamondMax Plus9 (120Gb, 7200rpm, 8mb cache, 133MB/s, 1 year warranty) also looks pretty good; I like the idea of a 3 year warranty though. Any thoughts if I'm after a 120Gb 7200rpm hard drive?

  **nada** 16:10 07 Apr 2003

forgot to say: the Maxtor hard drive is priced at £80 on komplett

  VeeJP 17:20 07 Apr 2003

Just been reading the posts re hard drives. I have a similar problem but the hard drive sometimes makes noises, sometimes doesnt, sometimes loud, sometimes quiet. I have cleaned the fan and it seemed ok for a day or so but now its back again. Whats the best way to clean inside a computer please. I have an 'air spray' aerosol but a bit wary of where that can be used so just used a regular vac last time. If I need a new hard drive can you help me in finding a reasonably priced good one. I am clueless with comps :)
Many thanks

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