Hard drive names

  dlguk 13:18 04 Mar 2011

I posted a thread on this subjuct last Dec., since then my external K drive has changed from (K:)(K:) to (K:)(E:). When I delete the (E) through disk manager the PC fails to see it.
It is stopping me from installing updates etc, any ideas?

  johndrew 14:35 04 Mar 2011

External drives will change their identity depending on what else you have connected that is a 'drive' - these can include memory sticks.

I find the easiest solution is to provide the external drive with a name as its identity - in my case (very original) 'External'. The drive letter applied by Windows will still appear in brackets below the name but is less important as the name should clearly identify what you are looking at.

Having 'Deleted' the drive in Disk Manager you will have removed any identity and will need to 'Enable' the drive again using the menu in Disk Manager.

  dlguk 15:07 04 Mar 2011

Yea I should thought about drives, be they hard or flash changing but I still wouldn’t have thought of ‘naming’ it. At the moment as (K:) home (in Comp Management) it looks ok but it is not available in My Comp. as soon as i add the E it works. Would it make any difference if I were to transfer all data to another drive and format it to start again with a name? if there is an easier way I’ll take it :).

  johndrew 10:17 05 Mar 2011

If the HDD is not Enabled/Assigned you will only be able to see it in Disk Manager as it is not recognised as a functioning drive.

Read this, it should sort out all the problems you have click here

  dlguk 11:19 05 Mar 2011

I take it you mean follow steps 1 to 4 on link you posted which is the way I have been trying to change it. It is fairly academic now as when I booted up this morning the drive was not visible anywhere, I removed all USB devices, leaving only K, the PC wouldnt see it.
I plugged it into another PC and it is now Local Disk (K:) home (F:).
Time to give up I think and just use it on the other machine, having said that I am still left with the legacy of not being able to install some updates, oh well.

  dlguk 11:26 05 Mar 2011

Just as a matter of interest, I checked its Properties on the other PC. on the general tab it has the name Local Disk (K:) home (F:) and under the pie chart Drive F.

  BT 12:21 05 Mar 2011

I put an Autorun file on my external drives/USB sticks, with an icon so that they are instantly recognisable in My Computer

Something like this

label=Johns USB Drive

replacing ****) with the name of the icon you are using and the label with whatever name you want to use.
The Icon can be an Icon file or a 24bit bitmap 32x32 pixels
Compose in Notepad and save in the root directory of the drive as Autorun.inf

  dlguk 20:56 05 Mar 2011

Thank you all for your help. I decided to take my route so anyone looking in with the same problem:

If you have access to another PC, move all your data to a folder on it
Right click My Comp. select Manage, Disk Management, select your drive, format it then rename it.
As had been said it is better to give it a name but if like me you have problems with that, just name it as it was (as far away from A as possible)
It has taken a while but all is fine now.

  dlguk 13:27 09 Mar 2011

Your way seemed the best solution.
I have created icons in IcoFX but when I drag them onto the USB flash drive and carry out the instruction as above the drive in My Comp. appears as the icon that indicates there is no program it can be associated with (the sheet with the top right corner dog-eared).
I am missing something right? Apart from brain cells.

  BT 16:42 09 Mar 2011

You should have 2 files on your USB stick
The Autorun.inf and the icon file named ****.ico

When you write the Autorun program note that there are NO spaces either side of the = signs, and square brackets around the [autorun] label

  dlguk 18:56 09 Mar 2011

How does this look, an icon named, dave.ico and the notepad saved as autorun.inf.
It still doesn't work on either pc

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