Hard Drive Monitors.

  ribo 11:54 14 Jul 2010

I do not know if anyone can help me, but I do not know what to do.
I was looking for a HDD Monitor and was searching
this site. I came across a link to HDDlife which was recommended.
I downloaded the trial version and decided to buy this software.
I paid £20.14 ( it said £19). I was given a registration key. But I am unable to activate the programme as I have not got an activation code.
I have asked for this to be sent by email.
When I try to do it on line my web browser shuts down.!
I have also asked for a confirmation code so that I can send a Support ticket. But I can get no response.
I have sent two emails to there support address.
I have waited in case of the time difference, as I believe they are in the USA.
It says on the site that you have 30 days in which to cancel the product,but do not know how to do this if they will not answer emails sent to them.
Any suggestions please. Thanks J

  MAT ALAN 12:02 14 Jul 2010

Any suggestions please.

None at all, without knowing anything about the company you have dealt with, the only thing i can say is you are lucky it was not more money.
If you get no joy from your investigations, you will just have to book it down to experience (or the lack of)

  ribo 13:05 14 Jul 2010

I think that is a very black way to look at this issue.

I did not just pluck the site out of the blue, It was recommended during my search on this site.
It also looks quite a reputable firm, as you will, perhaps, see from the URL:-

click here

  wiz-king 13:19 14 Jul 2010

No address
No phone/fax number

I wouldn't use it. Contact details:-

Contact information:

Yuri Alexandrov (CEO)
[email protected]

BinarySense, Ltd.
Sumskaya, 22, Belgorod, 308015, RUSSIA

Postal address: P.O. Box 8, Belgorod, 308015, RUSSIA

  Woolwell 13:22 14 Jul 2010

I'm sorry but I don't think that you're going to have much luck. HDD life is owned by a Russian see click here
I don't know who recommended it but the main site does not have any addresses or contact details both of which I always look for when making a purchase.

  MAT ALAN 13:42 14 Jul 2010

I have waited in case of the time difference, as I believe they are in the USA.

Then why are the items priced in EURO'S.

  ribo 13:49 14 Jul 2010

Actually, on the site I gave you. They are priced in GBP. (£19).

  wiz-king 14:01 14 Jul 2010

You might find the site looks at your IP address and displays the price in the currency of that country - I got it in US$.

  ribo 14:06 14 Jul 2010

Thank you. I think this has gone on long enough. I am marking it as resolved.

  Woolwell 14:26 14 Jul 2010

Perhaps more importantly is how you paid. If by credit card then I would alert them immediately in case of misuse of the card. You could also claim back from them or paypal for supply of a defective product eg unable to activate program.

  MAT ALAN 14:43 14 Jul 2010

Don't get me wrong i am on your side, i just fear you have been duped.

There are many FREE HDD monitors available your,HDD manufacturers website mihgt even do one...

Good luck with your quest, i hope you get your licence or at least some explaination as to the lack of communication...

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