Hard Drive; misleading size quoted.

  brism 15:53 20 May 2003

I recently purchased a Medion notebook from Staples running Windows XP with a quoted hard drive of 20gb, but in My Computer all I can see is 11.7gb on drive 'c' and nothing on drive 'd'. The salesman assured me that the hard drive has been partitioned so that the 'missing' gbs are for backup and restoring files. To me, 8gb or so seems excessive for this purpose on a supposed 20gb drive.
Question; Is there anything I can do to retrieve some of the lost hard drive space without jeopardising the system. After all, my previous computers seemed to have managed quite well without this configuration.


  BigMoFoT 16:05 20 May 2003

If it was a case of a gig to a gig and a half out then I would have said that this was probably normal but in this case!!! Check in the bios first of all (press F2 on boot up) and check what size it is showing at - if it says around 19 gig'ish then that sounds fine, any less and I would take it back to your point of sale

  keith-236785 16:39 20 May 2003

get Partition Magic, it allows you to alter the partition sizes "on the fly" without the need to format afterwards. there are probably loads more but this is the one i have used. hope this helps

  BigMoFoT 16:44 20 May 2003


I dont think partition magic will help if the disk size is physically not what it's supposed to be!

  Smiler 18:21 20 May 2003

At least partition magic will confirm the actual size of the hard disc fitted and what partion sizes are available

  brism 21:07 20 May 2003

Many thanks to all the replyers; i did as BigMoFoT suggested and went into the bios and this definitely showed 20gb (or 200004mb in its language). So it seems that Partition Magic may supply the answer although I'd welcome any other possible remedies; also any explanations as to why the notebook was sold with such a configuration in the first place.

  keith-236785 07:49 21 May 2003

thanks Smiler, that was the jist of what i was trying to say, it is possible that some of the hard drive has not been assigned, using Partition Magic would confirm if this is the case and if it is, it would also give the option of Assigning the "missing" space as a drive ie E: or making D: bigger, once that was done drive D: could be removed and drive C: made to be the full 20 GB if that is what you want ( but in my case my 30Gig H/D is split into C: 20 Gig and D: the rest (8.8 Gig) all my drivers, pictures, saved files etc are stored on drive D:, then if i need to format and re-install windows, as you need to now and then, you can format without worrying about losing everything. hope you find your lost space mate, good luck.

  keith-236785 07:52 21 May 2003

one other point, have you tried to FORMAT drive D:( open my computer & right click on D:, choose format), it may have been partioned but if it hasnt been formatted then windows won't know its size.

  BigMoFoT 11:00 21 May 2003

You dont need partition magic >
Right click my computer, choose manage and select disk management from within there and that will give you details of the partitions on your HDD.

  keith-236785 18:07 21 May 2003


WOW thanks for that mate i have just learnt someting. cheers

  brism 21:22 21 May 2003

Many thanks BigMoFoT.....yes I went to Disk Manager and sure enough I was able to see the missing 6.9gb of hdd on drive 'd'. It said that this partition was unformatted, so would you recommend that I format the partition and perhaps from there I may be able to merge or resize the two partitions, again without having recourse to Partition Magic. Suggestions would be most welcome.

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