Hard drive memory puzzle.

  standard8 19:56 23 Nov 2007

My laptop is an advent 7201 which I bought about 3 months ago and is windows vista home premium.For the past 2 months,it has shown approx. 46GB free of 69.1GB.I installed sony ericsson PC suite on it transferred my photos from my camera phone to my laptop,then since I got a message that CAPI WORKER MODULE had stopped working,I uninstalled sony ericsson PC suite.My computer now shows 52GB free of 69.1GB.As far as I can see,everything on my computer is working O.K. and I am certain I did not uninstall anything else.Can anyone please explain to me why I now have more memory?

  Totally-braindead 23:06 23 Nov 2007

When you removed the software did it perhaps take all the photos with it?

Just a suggestion, I haven't a clue but if it did do that it wouldn't affect the way windows runs at all.

  standard8 17:38 24 Nov 2007

Sorry to be so long in replying.All the photos are still on my laptop.

  beeuuem 22:18 26 Nov 2007

By default Stystem Restore takes 12% of a hard drive. As you seem to have about that much more free space is System Restore running?

  standard8 13:34 27 Nov 2007

Thanks very much for your response.As you will have seen,Im in the absolute beginners forum.I dont know how to tell if system restore is on or off,all I can say is that Ive never changed anything that was on my laptop by default since I bought it.All Ive done is install or uninstall extra programs e.g.the Sony Ericsson PC Suite.

  beeuuem 17:06 27 Nov 2007

Go to Start > accessories >System Tools > System Restore. When the System Restore page opens and you caan see if System Restore is turned on for the C:\ drive (the only one it should be used for, as it only restores programmes and settings - not personal data files, i.e. saved documents, pictures etc...
Click on the Settings tab. The page that now opens shows you how much disk space is reserved for the System Restore files.
As you have a 70Gb Hard drive the slider should be moved to reduce the space.
I only have 1Gb used but you may be happier to start with the slide to about 3-4Gb to give a reasonable number of restore points.

  standard8 20:30 27 Nov 2007

Thank you very much for all your help.Tried to do as you said.Got the system restore window which says the system restore wizard is already running.It also said that the latest system restore was at 19:49 today after installing a windows update.So at least,I now know it is working.I also got another page which says system restore might use up to 15% of space and that it will delete older restore points to make room for new ones.Ive been into parts of my computer today that I never knew existed,and Im going out tomorrow to buy myself a book on windows vista to learn myself a lot more.Again,many thanks for your help!

  beeuuem 04:20 28 Nov 2007

Sorry I couldn't solve your mystery. Have fun deciphering the mysteries of computers.

  standard8 17:16 28 Nov 2007

I think you did solve it.After reading that system restore uses up to 15% of space,and deletes older restore points,I assume that the extra memory I got was the above had happened and thats what gave me the extra memory.I notice that the free memory is gradually coming down.In fact it is down at 49.5GB today and I havent installed anything.Also,I did a Norton 360 scan which as you will know gets rid of "clutter".My daughter is bringing me the Readers Digest book about vista this evening,so I will bury my nose in that and try to learn more about vista.MANY THANKS for all your help.

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