hard drive making lots of noise

  jgosden 10:35 06 Apr 2004

i have a toshiba a30 514 and it has been fine, and always very quiet. This morning the hard drive has become very loud and i am concerned by this. I am hearing quite loud noises on boot up etc which i have never heard before! what is this? how can i stop it?

  Gongoozler 10:40 06 Apr 2004

A lot of noise from a hard drive usually indicates a drive that is just about to die. Make sure you have backups of all your important data. If the computer is still within warranty then it is a good time to contact the supplier.

  jgosden 11:00 06 Apr 2004

i really didn't want to hear that

  jgosden 11:02 06 Apr 2004

it isn't really making dieing noise just then it was quiet and now it ain't!

  westdudes 11:03 06 Apr 2004

how long u had the drive?or computer if u bouught the comp whole? hard drives usually have a 3year garantee on them

  jgosden 11:04 06 Apr 2004

yeah its a laptop, and the pc was new in january

  spuds 11:09 06 Apr 2004

Sounds like your H/D is about to end it's days, or could it be a fan noise!.

Check the warranty, and see it it is for 1 or 3 years, they do differ on manufacturers terms and conditions. I would also suggest that you check the manufacturers website, as some provide diagnostic help in troubleshooting etc.

  westdudes 11:14 06 Apr 2004

i hoped uve backed up ur data cos u never know how long it wud last if it is dying.

try contacting ur dealer n let us know wat they say but may i suggest not to hang about reporting it :)

  jgosden 11:23 06 Apr 2004

ok, thanks, i just can't understand how this has happened i havn't had it long
i will backup my data but at the moment it is fine, every now and again the hard drive kicks in and it just sounds a little louder than it did before, it really dieing?

the pc has a warrenty not sure how long but since it is only 2 and a bit months old , i am sure it is covered, any ideas what could hav caused this?

  spuds 11:55 06 Apr 2004

Like all electronic goods, failures can be very hard to diagnose.Possibly just one bad item, or a bad production batch. That's why it is best to contact the manufacturer of the computer or hard-drive.

  Gongoozler 11:58 06 Apr 2004

Hi jgosden. You may be lucky and find that there is nothing wrong with the hard drive, but with increasing noise levels, it sounds suspicious. There is nothing you've done that could cause the problem. With the very fine tolerances in modern hard drives, there will always be a few that suffer early failure. This is just a fact of life. As your laptop is only about months old, contact the supplier as soon as possible, you may even find you will get the laptop exchanged rather than repaired.

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