Hard drive locations on OS's

  freakbrothers 23:35 08 Mar 2003

Ive got 2 hard drives, both 80gb.
1st drive is split into 2, one 10Gb and 70Gb partitions.
2nd drive is 80Gb.

When I view them in my computer, they are both their, but in a confusing manner.

It shows them all, but the Primary partitions are shown first.
ie, I can see:
e: (70Gb)

So its showing the primary partitions first?
how can I sort this, so I can see it this way:
c: (10Gb)
e: (70Gb)
d: (80Gb)

Obviously with the drive letters re-arranged.



  MAJ 00:07 09 Mar 2003

In My Computer, go to View > Arrange Icons By > Total Size.

  flecc 00:07 09 Mar 2003

That's correct as you have it, this is by design in Windows so that any operating systems are shown at the beginning.

The only way round it that I know of is to use a program from Vadim Bortyansky called Drive Letter Assigner. With this you can re-letter and name any hard drive partition in any way you like, and also arrange CD drive letters.

You should find it on the end of this link, it's free:-

click here

  freakbrothers 00:14 09 Mar 2003


Thanks for the info flecc.
Maj, that doesnt work really, the drives keep the same letter.

I had a feeling that the OS was reading it this way.
Going into the MMC, I could see the primary drives being shown first, then the extended partition.

Nice 1 people 4 the help.


  MAJ 00:18 09 Mar 2003

Sorry freakbrothers, I didn't know you wanted to *change* the drive letters, I thought you just wanted to rearrange them. Flecc's post should sort you out then.

  hgrock 07:28 09 Mar 2003

i am curious to know why you dont want your drives listed in order eg c then d then e but c e and d, why not try draging them where you want them when you right click my computer then explore, just a thought

  temp003 08:31 09 Mar 2003

Have you tried flecc's utility?

When you refer to MMC, do you mean Microsoft Management Console? If so, you should be using Windows 2000 or XP. If so, you should be able to change drive letters in Disk Management in Admininstrative Tools.

In Disk Management, right click any drive (including CD drives) and select Change drive letter and path. Click the drop down list against "Assign a drive letter" and select a drive letter.

You cannot however change the letter of the system volume and boot volume. System volume means basically the active partition from which the computer boots, usually C. Boot volume is the Windows partition, also usually C on a single OS system. [I know it sounds it should be the other way round, but that's how MS calls them.] You don't need to change C, so that's not a problem.

As the letters D, E and F have been assigned, they will not appear on the list of available letters. You need to first change your present D to H, then change your present E to D. Then change the new H again to E.

This assumes you only have one OS.

If you have another OS on the 2nd hard disk, it gets a bit more complicated, because although you can change the drive letter for your present D when you are operating in the OS on the first hard disk, you will not be able to synchronise the drive letters when you're operating in the OS on the 2nd hard disk, because your present D will remain D, and cannot be changed as it will be a boot volume.

In such a case, a third party utility is what you need.

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