Hard Drive Light Permanently On

  Paul33 16:29 06 Aug 2007

Due to major boot-up problems, I had to remove my primary hard drive, copy the data onto another drive abd then re-instal it.

I then returned the drive to factory settings and updated via shedloads of Windows XP updates.

Everything seems fine but ...... the hard drive light is permanently full on. I don't hear any activity but the light is on throughout boot-up and never goes out after boot completes.

Any ideas ?

  Technotiger 16:34 06 Aug 2007

Check all hard drive cable fittings. Also check that graphics card is firmly seated.

  Paul33 16:59 06 Aug 2007

Just checked graphics card and cabling to drive and all are firmly seated (disconnected and re-connected to be sure).

  Technotiger 17:25 06 Aug 2007

Hmm, this phenomena is I believed called 'disk thrashing' ... another possible way to prevent this is to add more Memory, or to check that no applications are running that should not be running.

  Paul33 17:32 06 Aug 2007

Problem is, this wasn't happening before simply removing and then re-installing the drive.

I have returned the PC to factory settings and was wondering whether things like swap file settings need to be changed.

I have 1GB of RAM and have never seen this before. There is no flickering, just full steady on with little or no audible evidence of the drive "thrashing".

Having just reverted to factory settings, there really isn't anything significant running in the background.

  brundle 17:38 06 Aug 2007

TweakUI, untick `Optimize hard disk when idle`; click here
Filemon - see what files are being accessed while the PC is apparently idle; click here

  brundle 17:40 06 Aug 2007

Also, start menu/run, type

rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks

Press return.

Finishes all non-essential background tasks, according to people who run benchmarks

  Paul33 18:04 06 Aug 2007

Unflagged the TweakUi defrag setting - no change.

Rand filemon.exe but nothing particularly unusual in there ..... albeit I'm not sure what I'm looking at !!!

Ran the ProcessIdleTasks but no change.

Light still full on - no flickering - no thrashing sound.

  Technotiger 18:14 06 Aug 2007

Just a stab in the dark - but, have you checked that jumpers on hard drive have not become dislodged?

  Paul33 18:15 06 Aug 2007

Can you explain that one ?

  Technotiger 18:18 06 Aug 2007

Yes, the jumpers on the back of the hard drive - Master/Slave ...

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