Hard Drive for a laptop???

  g40 21:00 29 Jun 2004

Hi, i have a Toshiba laptop, when it starts up it says "no operating system installed" (which there is/was) Then when i put xp in the cd-drive it then says that basically there is no hard drive installed. So i guess i need a new one but where do i find it???
Its a 15Gb MK-1517GAP (CZE) and i just don't know if i can buy another type due to compatibility, ive looked around and even toshiba doesnt have it for sale online!!
Thanks in advance,

  woodchip 21:11 29 Jun 2004

When your computer starts up look at the DOS screen for "To enter setup press Del" it may be another key but press what ever it say's then look in the BIOS to see if is recognising your Hard Drive, if not try auto detect drives, If that does not work try Defaults button

  woodchip 21:13 29 Jun 2004

what OS, If 98se start with Win98se floppy start disc and at A:\> type FDISK/MBR press enter

  g40 21:15 29 Jun 2004

will try these things now thanks a lot

  johnsims 21:16 29 Jun 2004

Before buying a new uard drive, run a little test. Get hold of a win98 boot disk from bootdisk.com
Make sure you get the one that dreates a RAMDrive.
Put it in your Tosh and fire up. Check what the BIOS tells you about connected IDE drives. From the A: prompt type C: and hit return. If you can see your C: drive and do a dir and see contents, then the drive is probably OK and it could be that the OS boot files are corrupted. If it creates the RAM Drive at C: then you know there is a problem with the hard drive not being recognised.
It could be one of a number of things:
No FAT or NTFS partition
No active partition
No operating system
MBR corrupted
IDE connector shagged
IDE connection loose (check that first)
Disk completely knackered
And probably other possibilities too

  g40 21:17 29 Jun 2004

hard disk in the bios setup menu

  g40 21:19 29 Jun 2004

The hard disk is recognised in the setup menu!!!

  g40 21:22 29 Jun 2004

It is recognised in setup

  woodchip 21:22 29 Jun 2004

Then if Hard Drive is recognised start Comp and keep pressing F8 as it starts untill another screen pop's up, then see if you can get into safe mode

  Seadog 21:25 29 Jun 2004

If you need another hard drive, I've bought a couple of hard drives in the past for my old notebook and they were "standard" 21/2" (two and a half inch) hard drives, one I bought from Dabs and one from some other mail order firm. They are (or were) all the same, the only difference is the adapter that connects the hard drive to your motherboard but you will have one on your laptop - the connection on the hard drives are all one standard. I bought an IBM one time and this needed a special set up disc (downloadable from IBM, not included or mentioned when I purchased the thing!) to format/allocate/partition it or whatever but another I bought came ready to put the operating system straight on.
One final thing, I had to phone and ask for both drives, neither reseller advertised them but they did have them in stock.

  Seadog 21:27 29 Jun 2004

OOPs sorry, bit slow in getting my reply in. Slow typing.

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