Hard drive knocked caused computer to switch off.

  Whimsical 16:39 02 Mar 2006

With the cover off my HP tower i knoked the hard drive, knocked a paperweight off a shelf, the computer just went off. Now when I try to use it the power light comes on, the hard disk light comes on then goes out but there is nothing on the monitor. The hard disk has been tried on a friend's computer and can be read. The front switch won't work now either.
I've tried the recovery DCRom but nothing. Is the motherboard likely to be damaged. Has anybody had a similar problem, and yes it was hamfistedness that did it all my own silly fault.

  Diemmess 17:05 02 Mar 2006

Its where the paperweight went after hitting the HD.
I think you have guessed rightly - mother board is most likely to have suffered.
This would be a reason why the on/off switch is not working. It merely activates an electronic relay to wake up the PSU.

You must give it a chance. Disconnect power supply from all data drives HD and CD etc (after checking the PSU to motherboard cable is still connected and the RAM is still home in its socket/s).
Switch on and if it lights up, it will go as far as trying to load windows before giving an error message.
If not it is time to think of a new motherboard and all that entails

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