Hard drive issues....arrrghhh!!! HELP!!

  theons100 20:31 16 Jan 2007


I have a 320gb SATA 2 harddrive that I have my OS on. (XP pro sp2).
I have a second HD 250gb SATA 2 formatted as part of the set up.
I use this 250gb drive purely for music and films and as such this is my K:\ drive and I have only got two folders on the drive - K:\Music and K:\Films

I have replaced the 250gb twice now (by taking it back to PC World stating that they are both faulty!!)

The problem is that the 250gb HD keeps making a noise that sounds like it is reading incorrectly and occasionaly it will disappear completely from my system!! Most of the time music and films will play fine but every so often it will stall or crash. Also when I write to this disc it sometimes says that writing has failed and the HD will again disappear from view.....

Why is this?????

The HD is formatted in the case and works fine 90% of the time but this slowing, stalling, crashing, reading/writing error is doing my nut in and I have no idea why it won't work properly!

I have had a 300gb PATA HD before with all of the music and films on and they worked fine...why won't this??

Please help and I will eternally grateful...

  jimv7 20:40 16 Jan 2007

I would check that the psu is up to par first, as a faulty psu could cause this to happen.

  theons100 20:44 16 Jan 2007

It's a 3.0ghz P4 which poses no problems at all for any other task that I ask it to perform.... If I put music onto the C:\ drive then there is no issue...
I know people will say" well put your music on the C:\ drive then!!", but I want to keep them seperate as films/music take up alot of space.

Could it be a CPU problem then????


  Terry Brown 21:21 16 Jan 2007

Are you sure that there is not a problem with the connections (cables /motherboard /drive). Have you tried changing the cables over, because you may have an intermittent cable fault

Normally Hard drives are very reliable and to get a replacement drive that is also faulty is very rare.

  Technotiger 21:27 16 Jan 2007

perhaps your Power Supply Unit is being over-worked. I would say that you need at least a 500w ...

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