Hard Drive Issues

  tommobot 16:52 03 Dec 2006

About 3 or so months ago I realised that one of my old HD disks was on the way out as it was becoming slow as sin, humming quite alot, and was generally pretty full (and about 5years old) As soon as I noticed this I immeditally ordered myself a new HD disk (SATA 250GB Drive) and I planned to copy all the important files from this outgoing drive on the new SATA drive, and remove any unessential files from the old drive and retain it as a back up. Anyway, now the SATA drive seems to have failed. It is recognised throughout the loading of XP however; when XP actually starts up its fine for about 10seconds then it completely locks up. (XP is not installed on the drive in question) When the SATA drive is unistalled the system works fine again.

Oh, and also. The one remaining HD disk I have is humming a fair old bit at the moment. Could be an expensive problem :(

I figured thats going to need replacing so as a temporary measure plugged back in the old HD disk to copy all the old files over temparalily. That one seems to be completely fuggled now, as it says its not formatted. Great.

So, what I need to know what would be the best way (if there is one) to recover the data from the SATA drive and copy it over to a new drive. - I know that you can take it too shops or send it off to be replaced but im not too keen on that as there are some er, 'personal' photos of the Mrs on the disk!

  woodchip 16:55 03 Dec 2006

Try reloading Sata Drivers, It sounds like a Driver Problem. They may be corrupt

  woodchip 16:57 03 Dec 2006

All Drives need room to work. I think if you clear some rubbish from the Old Drive you will find it is ok. Give it some room to work

  tommobot 17:20 03 Dec 2006

The only way that I can access the old HD disk would be to re-format it - it said that it wasnt formatted when I tried to access it in My Computer. Surely if I reformat it then all the data on it will be lost?

  woodchip 20:22 03 Dec 2006

That's because the Master Boot Record on the Drive is Corrupt. That does not mean the drive is on its way out. If you are running XP you can correct this by starting computer with XP CD and when you get to a Prompt type

FIXMBR press enter

  tommobot 20:30 04 Dec 2006

I just tried the FIXMBR method to no avail, still exactly the same problem : locks up as soon as XP starts up (after about 5seconds)

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