hard drive install

  karmgord 19:34 22 Aug 2008

Is it ok to install the hard drive vertical

(i.e on end with the power & interface connection upper most) or does it have to be horizontal as most are.
I dont mean on its side or upside down

  woodchip 19:38 22 Aug 2008

Yes, But you are best keeping iy like this all the time

  RFB 19:38 22 Aug 2008

Makes no difference

  woodchip 19:39 22 Aug 2008

Yes, But you are best keeping it like this all the time

  karmgord 20:08 22 Aug 2008

yes will leave upright i only want to insatall it upright to keep it cool (in fan airstream)

  RFB 20:14 22 Aug 2008

Sorry woodchip... a clash of posts (same time)and I agree

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