Hard Drive has increased in Size

  Rogmur 00:01 31 Dec 2006

Hello again to all Forum Members

I have yet another problem from my Mesh Matrix

I am still having problems with connecting anything using USB2.
But recently after trying to repair Windows XP,
(thinking it would solve USB problems), the repair option didi not work.
So I then used system Restore, to solve another problem.
But I now find that my hard drive has gained at least 7 GB!

I have a 160GB Maxtor hard Drive, and before the problems occurred I had 120GB.

But now it shows up in My Computer as 113GB.

I have not installed any new progams, and can not account for this mysterious increase in hard drive usage.

Please accept my apologies for the long winded description.

May I also take this opportunityto wish you all
A Happy New Year, (and less PC Problems hopefully).

Kind Regards


  User-312386 00:29 31 Dec 2006

You mean you have lost 7GB in storage?

Ok this sounds like system restore has taken a sizeable ammount of hard drive space.

You can either turn off system restore and then re-enable it (at your own risk) and you should find more hard drive space is available

  Pamy 10:02 31 Dec 2006

Have you got those figures the correct way around? My 120 GB hard drive shows 114GB after formatting, so I would estimate that you should have about 150+GB.

  Pamy 10:06 31 Dec 2006

ahh, or do you mean that you had 113GB free space before and now you have 120GB free space left?

  Technotiger 10:09 31 Dec 2006

Hi, if Pamy's second response is correct, then when you did the Restore you probably 'lost' something which you had installed after the Restore Date.

  Rogmur 01:00 02 Jan 2007

My apologies to all Forum Members

I should have mentioned it was 160 GB originally,
then 120 GB with installed programs/software.

But with recent use of System Restore, it now appears as 113GB.

Many thanks


  terryf 01:16 02 Jan 2007

Right click on My computer>properties choose system restore tab click on settings for your drive and you will see how much space is reserved for system restore

  Stuartli 01:19 02 Jan 2007

When XP was released, System Restore was set at 12 per cent of HDD capacity by default.

Today, when hard drives had three figure capacities, this is clearly unnecessary.

I have my 60GB drive set at four to five per cent for System Restore and that is more than adequate.

  megat193 10:41 02 Jan 2007

Are you, by any chance, using Norton AV 2005? I seem to remember a friend's machine showing a huge amount of lost space which we found to be NAV2005 backups. There was an option to switch this feature off, and we recovered 7Gb of space.

  Rogmur 01:55 03 Jan 2007

Many thanks Guys, my apologies for teh delay in replying.

I am not using Norton AV (did have it last year though), now using AVG 7.5

I will try the System Restore.

Being a Mesh PC they had pre-installed Powerquest
restore software which supposedly enables the user to restore their PC to factory default.

However, having attempted to use it the actual program was corrupted and will not allow me to restore the PC to its factory setting.
I suspect because when my PC needed a new hard drive two years ago under Mesh warranty, they did not bother to re-install Powerquest.

Hope that is helpful

Kind regards


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